Are Dog Crates Cruel? Should You Use A Dog Crate For Your Dog Or Puppy?

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Are Dog Crates Cruel? Should You Use A Dog Crate For Your Dog Or Puppy?

A lot of dog owners are told by trainers or other people that they must use a crate in order to train their dog and that having a dog crate is something that is required.

There are a lot of myths about dog crates and in this video I want to go over some of them.

Dog crates can be a useful tool at certain times, but they also can be abused very easily which tends to happen more often than you may think.

In this video I will go over the following things:

Do dogs like their crates?
How do you crate train a dog?
Why is it good to crate train a dog?
How long can you leave a dog in a cage?
How long can a dog be left in a crate during the day?
How long can you leave an 8 week old puppy in a crate?

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31 Comments on “Are Dog Crates Cruel? Should You Use A Dog Crate For Your Dog Or Puppy?”

  1. Be sure to head over to where you can pick up a copy of the official ebook, learn about my online coaching program, and find out how you can support the BrightDog Academy YouTube channel by becoming a patron.

  2. I bought a huge crate for vacation, but for safty. I have a dane/boxer mix, so yes, huge crate! But I didn’t use it for traveling, or in the hotel, just at my aunt’s house. Outside, cool, plenty of breeze. It was both to keep him away from the other animals, and from running off out in the country, and out of state. It worked, but you can’t leave them in it for hours at a time. He has aggression issues, we’ve worked through most of them, takes time and patience, but I still have to take precautions. The reason I have him is all the marks on his cage at the shelter… no kids, no pets, aggresive.. he was brought back to the shelter by several other people. I’m used to mastiffs. Turns out he’s fine with my cats, but not strays, fine with kids, but I don’t let them pull on him, or ride him…. but he hates dogs. Maybe 5 months in and out of a shelter will do that? So when I went somewhere he couldn’t go, he was briefly in the cage, and the rest of the time he was right by my feet, or streaching out on the bed at the hotel. The safty issue was to keep him out of fights(he will fight other dogs), and from being lost in a strange place when I wasn’t there. It worked, but it was hard to leave him in a cage, even briefly, and I think that maybe it should be.

  3. Someone I know keeps their huskey in a crate in the basment all day because “they can’t let the dogs upstairs or they’ll scratch the floors” I felt like calling the SPCA they only get let out when someone goes down to play with them which is like 5-10 minutes a day

    1. The dog is happy when it see’s them because its glad it’ll finally be let out not because its glad to see them.

    2. very true……I called the SPCA on a guy that used to keep his dog chained all the time….and i mean all the time…..and he was dirty and matted…they could not do anything..It would be a damn shame if that dog went missing into a better home..Just saying…

    3. Fyrna Rose that@ literally abuse call someone they can’t keep the dog like that i don’t know who he is even alive under those circumstances

  4. I don’t think they are crul if you don’t treat it like a prison. My dog goes in her creat freely when I’m home. She gets put in when I’m gone and just sleeps. I put her in there when she gets to rambunctious when my baby nephew is over. She goes in there if she starts begging. She has blankets, toys and her food or a bone. I used it when I was night house training her. When I’m home I leave it open, she sometimes goes in it and naps.

  5. l HATE crates! My dog hates crates. My dog’s breeder kept her in a crate and because of it she’s not been socialized. Even my groomer doesn’t like using them. I like your idea of the pen. After all we don’t put our children in a crate, we put them in a pen. As it should be with our furbabies.

    1. Many puppies climb out of pens. The crate just adds a roof to prevent that. As he said in the beginning of the video, dog crates get abused very easily. That seems to be what your “breeder” (sounds more like puppy mill, or at least byb to me) was doing. A collar can also be abused very easily. Lots of people strangle their dogs into “submission” (and no, you don’t need a special choke collar for that). That doesn’t mean no one should use a collar to attach a tag to. Some people use food to fatten their dog up until it can barely walk. Does that mean no one should feed their dog? Just because something can be used to cause harm, doesn’t mean its mere existence causes harm.
      The same applies to a crate. It’s good to build positive associations with anything a dog might encounter in the future, and that includes crates. If your dog ever needs to have an overnight stay at the vet, it will probably be locked in a crate. If you ever need to travel with the dog (and can’t use your own car), it will probably need to be in a crate.

  6. My adopted 10montj Kelpie is leash trained and I use it as quiet time. Ill need to crate train him soon so I can take him camping and he has a safe place to sleep

  7. My dog has a crate in our laundry room and goes in there when he wants/ when he wants time away from my 7 year old. When he is in there he is not allowed to be bothered by anyone as our house rule and he enjoys the break. He sleeps there too most of the time overnight. When I must leave, the laundry room is his area, we simply put up a gate at the door but he’s never left alone too long as I work from home. When I come back I find him in his crate happily snoozing away. I found that as far as house breaking goes, I didn’t really need it. I just kept him on a regular schedule.

  8. Aren’t collars and dog food equally cruel? I mean, they can also be used to cause harm, when you choke a dog with the collar, or overfeed it with dog food. Maybe we should advise people against using them.

    1. The point here is that crates are abused for people who are just being lazy. A Leash would be cruel if you just tied your dog up when you don’t want them to move instead of for going on walks or outside.

  9. My family is working on getting a pen, but I have to put my dog in a crate, only at night time when I go to bed, and when no body is home

  10. Hi I have a 2 year old Great Dane who is extremely high strong and has severe anxiety she also has OCD lol I didn’t even no that was possible for a dog to have but the vet said she does and when we are gone she freeks out and rips up everything since she’s so big it takes her seconds to destroy things love the x pen idea but is there something like that for a dog of her size and strength I feel bad putting her in a crate she can’t be trusted with toys or blankets in her crate she eats them so we have her in a crate with a horse stall mat

    1. Payton Lescalleet don’t feel bad putting her in a crate its literally for her own safety she could eat something that would cause a blockage in her intestines or cause bloat and both are very deadly since she’s a dane bloat is a very real possibility. You could get a proper tether and dog house outside for when you are gone if you think that the crate is inhumane since tethering gives the dog a far larger space to roam and is more entertaining since there are actually things going on outside.

  11. It depends on how they are used…I crate trained my last dog, including potty training until he was trained….which did not take long…..then was able to leave the door open, and let him roam freely…My dog now has never needed it….but he sleeps in it….he has a big dog cushion. Spoiled brat……Both are great animals….


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