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I had to run a quick errand at the bank today. I thought I would have an access issue which is why I was filming. I did not film people or faces because it is simply unnecessary. This is what I deal with on an every day basis as well as what other handlers go through. I want to show this in order to educate, please listen closely.

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  1. gee i got anxious just watching this, you really did a great job of handling all of the comments and pestering questions.

    1. It was very frustrating, especially because I was exhausted and just wanted to get in and out! Thank you, I appreciate that! I never want to be offensive or rude but I need to get my point across.

  2. ahhh that must be so awkward because i get it at first but as time went on… how many questions can you ask? 😂 and i don’t think the lady knew much about service dogs, but the other girls did oof just wish the general public was a little bit more educated!!

    1. She knew not to pet but didn’t know to just treat me like a normal customer! I hate being singled out because of him; you should never talk to the dog, only the handler!

    2. Wesley the Service Doodle yes you put it perfectly! i get a couple of questions at the beginning, because many people can be surprised by the presence of a dog, but afterwards they need to ignore 🙂

    3. itscalledakuma I totally understand the curiosity in the beginning but especially because she was an employee, it was very unprofessional.

  3. That’s one of the things I’m not looking forward to, because people do not know how to behave around dogs. You sharing this is very helpful. Once I start working again, I will definitely give out a fake name. My mom kinda wants me to teach commands in a different language so that someone doesn’t distract Beatrice but I don’t think I’m going to.

    1. It’s incredibly helpful! I think it’s a cool idea to train in a different language but for me, it was just too much extra work. Good luck in your journey, it’ll all work out!

  4. I don’t have a service dog but I do take his obedience and agility training really seriously. I’m trying to train him to ignore people so I give him the name Jack when I’m talking to people. His real name is Oliver.
    Edit: I forgot to say you were really respectful even when they were being annoying so kudos to you

    1. Biased for Moonbin Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! I never want to be rude unless I absolutely HAVE to. That’s amazing that you take your pup’s training seriously, I think everyone should!

  5. Yikes. It’s like people see a dog and all common courtesy goes *poof* out the window. Would it be rude to have said ” please don’t talk to him, it will distract him”? (Not trying to be mean) I mean I would have told the lady to back off…in a nice way…I can’t deal with people just standing there continuing to talk when I’m trying to do something.

    1. Foxy Momma I don’t think it would have been rude! I have said exactly that before (“please don’t talk to him, he’s working”); in this moment, I was just too physically and mentally exhausted to. I definitely have said that before because it’s nice but gets the point across and educates!

    2. Wesley the Service Doodle I get it, some days it’s just not worth it to say anything. I’m the same way.

  6. When I’m in public I will often not even use my dog’s name unless absolutely necessary and I just say “dog” to get her attention. I’ve had someone turn around after I scolded my dog using her name and they immediately started calling my dog’s name despite having learned it by hearing her be scolded. Literally how many brain cells does it take to just not be that rude?

    And I don’t answer questions about breed and jobs and age and such anymore either. Unless it’s someone I am myself trying to engage with I don’t acknowledge them. People who pester are more rude than however rude they may think I am by ignoring them. It’s none of their business. I’m trying to exist and that’s all. Not out to “make friends”. The more rude I appear the less people bother me.

    1. Lynxxheart Houde people just don’t think!! It’s so crazy :(. I find it hard to stay nice while being stern!

  7. LoL! Getting my prospect at the end of the year and this should be very interesting! My pup’s primary work will be CPTSD, DID, and seizure alert aid. The funny thing about having DID is when people act like this woman I’ll often get annoyed and it’ll cause a switch. Then the lady will have a serious problem getting ‘me’ to remember anything I’ve said to her or sometimes even acknowledge her if I stay dissociated. That may be a blessing in disguise though as oppose to listening to a stranger ramble on for half an hour. I wish people were as easy to train as the dogs. It really doesn’t cross most people’s minds that this kind of behavior can irritate the person’s condition.

    1. theclanplus1 Oh wow, you have to be extra careful then! I hope everything goes okay. Yeah people can be pretty selfish when they see a working dog – they just want what they want regardless of the handler.

    1. They do in 1st grade , my sister came back with a paperback 10 page book on types and what to do when you see a service dog

    2. At my school i did a slide show about service dog’s for my class! now some people know. I wish they did more information about them too. So i agree.

  8. Them: Service dogs you can’t pet
    Me: You can’t acknowledge their existence either.
    I get this all the time it’s so annoying like why can’t I just go into a place and be treated normal and not get harassed a million questions about my dog. I don’t walk in there for your pleasure.

    1. VisualMoss Non-handlers simply don’t understand that we can no longer run any errands in peace.

    2. That is very true. I guess instead of complaining about it which isn’t going to do anything, just learn how to deal with it. Which sucks.

    3. I try to ignore the dogs a much as possible. of course if i think its cute i may tell the handler i love their dog, but thats usually about the most interaction i have between me and service dog handlers at random

    1. I almost always give a fake name unless it’s someone I know who hasn’t met her yet. I like to call her kujo

    2. MaxluvsMya good idea as sds get stressed trying to do their jobs with folks talking about them and at them. I usually minimize talking and teach folks to do their thing while my SD does her things. Keep sharing, nice of you to share

  9. Thank you for sharing this.
    I honestly believe this goes to show that this over romanticized/trendy idea of having a SD is not true. And allows people to see the reality that you can’t even go to the freakin bank without someone saying SOMETHING to you.
    We live in a day where people (adults) loose all control when they see a dog. I admit, I definitely used to get all excited when I saw a dog and act like a kid. But after realizing and learning that dogs need to be respected and they have boundaries just like us, it’s changed my perspective. They are not here for our entertainment (though they do great at that) they’re beings and are for their handlers companionship or if they’re a SD they are there to be their handlers lifeline.
    It’s a shame that the general public is not more educated on SD etiquette.
    Great idea on giving a fake name. It proved to be a very smart move on your part Emily. I wanted to say that you handled that with such a great attitude, and I know that was probably the most frustrating thing to go through. But, Keep up the great work.

    1. Sara Aviles Thank you so much for this comment. I actually love it so much I’m going to put it on my Instagram story (I’ll cover your name). SO many people romanticize the idea of a service dog when it’s actually such a difficult reality to adjust to. Thank you so so SO much💗

    2. Wesley the Service Doodle anytime! You and Wes are an inspiration to me honestly. I don’t have a service dog but I admire your hard work, dedication and your transparency. It’s refreshing to see. ❤️

  10. oh my god i just get more irritated the longer they keep talking! you really keep your cool here. you’re always so polite. way to go! my heart goes out to you

    1. Noah Bradford thank you, I really appreciate that! I always try to be nice, but it doesn’t always work out for me🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. I think at the point where she starts talking to him is the point where you give up recording and tell her off, she won’t learn otherwise

    1. Tell her off because she’s distracting Wesley from his duties. She needs to know that if a service dog is distracted and the handler is set off (seizure, panic episode, heart attack, etc), the dog won’t be able to warn them in time.

      This lady was being rude because she was being selfish. She just wants to play with the dog and doesn’t give a damn about the stress it puts on the handler.

  12. Oh god, my service dog comes home from her training program on Saturday and I’m starting to get terrified. I respect how well you handled this, I am stressed just watching. My SD is a Great Pyrenees so giant and fluffy and I don’t “look” disabled so I’m sure it’ll be interesting. The fake name is a brilliant idea. Could you do a video for beginner handlers talking about how to handle weird situations like this and tips and advice? That’d be so helpful. Thank you for creating this content!!

    1. Honestly, the best advice I can give you is that you just have to practice tuning everyone out. It takes awhile but you CAN do it. The pros of having a service dog greatly outweigh the cons.

  13. I think I will have to give out a fake name on my dog too… I never thought about doing that! Thanks!
    I have anxiety seizures… and these people don’t realize how close they’ve come to cause me seizures because they won’t leave my dog ALONE! I just want to stay home all of the time. 🙁

  14. What’s annoying also, are the ones who talk to your dog, and don’t talk to you at all as if you don’t exist. I feel like starting to talk to these people’s glasses, or, shirts or pants or something, and then say something to the fact that my service dog is not a “pet” to be talked to.. but I have a hard time being rude to people… which is why I have anxiety issues.

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