Angry Woman Wants Service Dog To Leave Restaurant

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This woman demanded that a soldier removes his service dog from a restaurant

Source: UNILAD

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77 Comments on “Angry Woman Wants Service Dog To Leave Restaurant”

  1. Dude shout out to the lady’s husband who just stood there watching her be rude and embarrass herself. And the husband if he year goes too that guy

    1. Her “husband” stood there obviously knowing what was going to happen and did nothing and you want to give him a shout out? We’ve got a walking abortion here

    2. +Kushtrim Ajeti not even a girlfriend? Like you tellin me you wanna jerk yourself off for your entire life? You do you bud👍

    1. she did go to move somewhere else quietly and as she was leaving a restaurant patron approached her and asked if she was leaving because there was a dog’s butt in her face as she tried eating. as you can see its a very tall dog and as it was standing, the dog’s anus was at able level. so when she said yes, she was leaving because of it, the woman “who approached her nicely” said “the dog has more rights than you do, ni****” all while the woman was in front of her daughter. so she has every right to be upset.

    2. She is a little nuts. Wow.
      As a dog owner, I love dogs, but they really don’t belong in businesses that serve/sell foods…

  2. Typical of these animals who can’t behave in public. If she cares so much about her child, whats up with all the foul language in front of her child.
    Once a savage, always a savage. It’s just so typical of the species of this animal.. lowlife pos.

    1. Demetrius Hamilton
      Your so full of crap. The black people didn’t build this country, you still only make up scythe most 15% of the population.
      You didn’t build this country, the white man built it. What black man ever invented an automobile, or an airplane. Or any thing else that worth while. You couldn’t even come up with indoor plumbing.
      I have worked with black people. The one I ever caught sleeping on the job was a black man. And it takes three black people to even come close to accomplishing what one white person can do. Then you think it is simply because of your color no one wants to hire you.

    2. +Brad Ng yeah I am so confused about all the replies about racism. Does everything involving black people nowadays have to always be related to racism? I’m pretty sure he was talking about the human race.

    1. Ian Montgomery It actually happens a ton. Service dog handlers get harassed a lot and it makes me sad to see that happen.

  3. You claimed that you were being called racial slurs and look at your behavior right now. You were not being called racial slurs at all because no one could get a word in edgewise and I think that’s insulting to other African American individuals because you acted like a complete a****** and it had nothing to do with your race you’re just a jerk.

    1. Emily F not to mention she was literally even saying that people with disabilities and service dogs should be segregated. She didn’t use that word but she said there should be a separate section for people with disabilities and Service Dogs which is segregation. If somebody had suggested she be put in a different section for whatever reason she would probably act as she did in this situation I think that this word describes her perfectly (((pathetic))) she is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    2. +Eve1 I have a strong inclination she came in screaming and fighting. She doesn’t seem peasant or rational at all. What an ugly freak.

  4. Just terrible, she’s calling them all rude when she is the one being rude. It’s good to be honest, but this is WAYYYY to far.

    1. Isaac McCain I agree that she is rude, and I think her opinions are completely wrong, but I think she was trying to leave and those people confronted hr, which made it such a big scene. Once again, I in no way agree with what she was saying.

    2. Timmy Fillin Opinions cant be wrong dumbass. Some people don’t like chocolate or broccoli. They are not wrong for not liking chocolate or broccoli. This lady didn’t like eating around dogs regardless if they are a service dog or not. She can’t be wrong for feeling that way. That’s how she FEELS. She personally thinks it’s gross for herself, she NEVER said it was gross for other people. She only spoke for herself and what SHE doesn’t like, she wasn’t making a statement about what other people like or dislike, only what she likes or dislikes. A person cant be wrong for liking or disliking something you idiot. Stop being ignorant.

  5. Creating a specific section in a restaurant (or any other public place) for people with service animals is the same as when there were separate classrooms in a school for blacks and whites; it is called discrimination.

  6. she is a fucking psychotic and did you hear her say that there should be a separate section for people with disabilities and service dogs I couldn’t believe when she said that she is literally saying to segregate people. Now if she was told to be in a different section of a restaurant for whatever reason she would start screaming at people and saying that people are racist or something just as ridiculous so how is what she did any different from something like that. This person is just about the most pathetic excuse for a human being I’ve ever seen.

    1. that not what she is say she saying that it goes up Agustin the health cold polios dog shed do you want hair in your food

    2. Eve1 Dog allergies are very rarely fatal, plus, the people only get a reaction when the dog’s dandruff comes in contact with them.

    3. Truth I am not trying to make you mad, just hear me out. That man had a legitimate reason to have a dog. He had some sort of disability that he needed the dog for. It’s not like the dog was his pet. Just please try to be more considerate. I’m pretty sure it’s inconsiderate to segregate people because they have a service animal to make sure they don’t die. Would you segregate someone because they had a cane? How about if they had to be hooked up to O2?

  7. “My daughters standing here you’re being rude”
    Well if you care so much about your daughter than you should stop cussing in front of her you terrible mother

    1. she escorted her daughter to the car before confronting them because as she was quietly leaving one of the restaurant patrons called her a racial slur

  8. 0:32 at this part you see the man with dog pat the the girls husband on the shoulder as an “it’s ok” gesture and after you can see that the husbands face seems extremely ashamed for who he is with. He looks guilty for what this chick is doing because since the girl said that his father served, his father may have had some negative mental effects because of his time serving his country and because of that he can’t imagine the pain that the man with the service dog had to go through being criticized because he had a service dog and who was in the military feeling that he should have respect from other american citizens, but instead this woman is just throwing it back in his face. All I’m trying to point out that the point where the man being criticized comforts the husband of the woman is a very sweet moment. Though the husband should have instantly shut her down, you can tell he did feel very guilty. Another thing is that He had sadness and fright in his face so maybe he is apart of an abusive relationship. Though I am just a teenager I think even I have some things I should point out in this video. Thanks for reading all of this by the way.

    1. Oh I know. I wouldn’t want to eat there because getting her hot breath and her leg hairs all over the food. She also needs to say it not spray it.

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