Amazing moment when boy meets his service dog

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It was an amazing moment when five-year-old Kai met his autism assistance dog, Tornado. He couldn't contain his excitement.


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Shanna Niehaus wasn’t sure how her 5-year-old son, Kai, was going to react. Kai was ninth in line to meet his new Autism Assistance Dog, a Golden Lab named Tornado.

The entire Niehaus family had traveled from Japan to Ohio for this moment. They had raised over $15,000 for this moment. They had waited over a year since Kai’s autism diagnosis for this moment.

It was spectacular.

Kai jumped out of his mother’s lap and ran straight to Tornado when the dog entered the room. “Tornado! Tornado!” Kai yelled. Kai led Tornado and the dog trainer back to their area. Kai immediately began petting and snuggling with Tornado. This was only the first day and things were going well.

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13 Comments on “Amazing moment when boy meets his service dog”

    1. Not sure but I think it’s to prevent the dog from licking the boy or something like that, since he might not take it as a regular person would.

    2. Nothing happened to the dog’s mouth. He has a gentle leader on, it is a head collar. They are used to have more control over the dogs head. It is a lot like a horse halter.

  1. Where is PETA when you need them? Look what they did to the dog! Why are they screaming ANIMAL CRUELTY! This is worse than what is done to pet bears.

    1. It is not a muzzle, it is called a gentle leader. It is a head collar. Like a halter for a horse. It gives the owner more control of the dog. They are actually a lot safer than normal buckle collars 🙂

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