All Lives Matter…Hopeless Dog Abandoned in the Everglades

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Powder was found ABANDONED in the middle of the Florida Everglades. Dogs can not survive very long in these harsh conditions. One afternoon a couple was out at the boat ramps at mile marker 39 off of US Hwy 27 and they saw Powder barely able to move trying to find a comfortable place to rest. The couple tried for hours to get help and Broward Sheriff's Office responded. The deputies on scene were determined to help this poor dog and bring him to safety. Within an hour, Dezzy's Second Chance Animal Rescue responded and agreed to take Powder into their care. As of 3/1/16, he has a long road to recovery including surgery on both his eyes. Please go to to follow Power's progress and to DONATE what you can. His surgery alone will be extremely expensive. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!
7/22/16 UPDATE!
Click on the link below to see Powder's progress.

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77 Comments on “All Lives Matter…Hopeless Dog Abandoned in the Everglades”

  1. How horrible!!!!!!!!!! This is awful!  No dog should be on the street like this.  Thank God for the kind deputy who took the time to take care of him and the wonderful volunteers who fed him and worked with him.   Thanks to the animal rescue who helped him and took him in.

    1. Yes, the compassionate teamworkers and Powder were the stars out shining the horrible hell bound ogre(s) with their ugly future(s).

    1. liefhebber179 another evil idiot who wants to kill a heartbroken child because his dog ran and got lost ! What is wrong with you people ? You don’t know how the dog got there, and when you figure that out then shoot your mouth off if there is a reason !
      Fools make decisions without knowing the facts

    2. +LostPet FoundPet Maybe your correct but if the dog has a chip in it they could track the dog back to the evil people dump him in very poor condition. Besides don’t worry when someone does terrible things they always wind up paying for it!

  2. Thank you so much for helping him <3 People who abuse animals should be punished! It is not right for people to think that animals are not important enough to been taking care of...

    1. You’re sure right about that, and the fact that these abusers will get the same shoddy care in the next life, they dirty dished out in this life, is a comfort to me and my precious pet.

    2. +LostPet FoundPet save money. All need drink raw apple cider vinegar with water and raw honey will do the trick clean out all sickness.

    1. I don’t know how or why people would give this a thumbs down. Some people are just heartless. Focus on the good people who liked it.

    2. funzoola2005 when you dislike it means dislikimg the video that you don’t want to see it and not disliking the actual content. Please don’t dislike videos unless you don’t want the video to see the light of day. That’s not what the dislike button is for.

  3. I just donated 1$ it’s not much but i know it will help 🙂
    Thank you for rescuing these wonderful animals.

    1. +Dave Christian
      By the way you type, I’d say you were between 13-22. Totally irrational and stating people need to be executed for animal abuse. Just another lunatic liberal putting animal lives ahead of human lives. I’m 40 by the way…kid.

    2. +Dave Christian
      Gotta love YouTube. The classic “hope you die soon” attack. All because you don’t like someone’s response to a video. Me and you both know your under the age of 16.

    3. I second that idea, they should be abused & tortured for doing that to a poor defenseless dog that just wanted a loving home & family! Animal abuse should be grounds for capital punishment! The world would be a better place if we eliminated animal and child abusers! Both of them should be terminated with extreme prejudice!!!

    4. There is no end to your kind …..
      you are more cruel sick and satanic than those abusing brats .
      you seem eager to have blood on your hands AS IF you didn’t have more than enough son to condemn you to a death by eternal torture in hell.
      If you believe you have a brain think where the origin of such thoughts comes from.
      And even better yet look at:
      the history of Christmas truthunedited

  4. We recently adopted a rescue who came to us undernourished, ribs and spine showing. She is adjusting well and putting on weight but suffers with the exact same disease: Dexodema mange and we are having an awful time trying to get her well. She has not responded to antibiotics, creams or shampoos. While we now seem to have it under control (her scratching has reduced and the pustules are not bleeding or breaking open), it is still there, still red and uncomfortable for her.
    If she didn’t have this condition, she would look the picture of health as she has a shiny coat and is active and has good appetite.

    Has anyone here commenting ever had a dog with this and what works? She is under a vet’s care, but as I said, nothing seems to break this stuff.

    1. How do you Like That ? Have you tried coconut oil??, topically and internally, it really helped my dogs , also raw eggs , farm fresh if possible ( almost no salmonella) msm for horses ( joints and skin ) and tiny bit of borax spray and in water ,also very weak sulfer bath Epsom salts an baking soda ,I have used all of these at one time or another and they all work very well and are all natural.

    2. Hello Crm, we saved a pup a year ago with the same condition Dexodema mange. What seemed to work was burnt car oil cold of course, just rub a little on the skin and leave it on , it will kill the bacteria. Later put on some coconut oil . The pup grew all her fur back and no skin problems. I really hope this will help you. God bless you for adopting the animal.

    3. +Martha Lillard yes cattle or horses works really well. Found a black lab like that and after a few weeks of treatment since really bad. He was all better and running around like it never happened.

  5. People matter but when it comes to animals I will sacrifice every thing I have live it u agree ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ to save innocent lives

  6. f…ing a..hole of a dog owner!!!! why wasn’t the dog taken to a shelter instead of being left along side of a road somewhere to suffer in pain and misery, AND eventually die. BUT, how long would the dog have to suffer before it did die? Some people are just SO cruel and heartless, and think ONLY of themselves when they choose to abuse ANY animal. Or dispose of it like it was a bag of trash. The ONLY thing that is considered trash concerning animals being abused or disposed of in any way shape or form – is the person Or people who are abusing the animals. The 2 legged creatures are WORSE than the 4 legged friends. The 2 legged THINGS, that some people call ‘ people ‘ ARE actually the ‘ animals ‘ – while the ‘ animals are the 4 legged friends that we ALL NEED.

    1. +Judy Schmoll I agree with you. If he fell out of someone’s boat, mostlikely they would have cared enough to at least have put a collar and nametag on its neck.

    2. Everyone who loves animals and hate to see animal cruelty, search for the nearest Animal Protection center. They always need help 🤗

      So happy to see people who really care for this abandoned and mistreated animals.

      Take care

    3. I agree and love everything you said about those f…ing abusers. Good for you for having such a strong opinion. Animals have clean souls while some people are just pure evil and Satan’s helpers.

    4. Yeah this makes me wanna join you guys too pay the owner a “visit”. Let’s STAY long and enjoy the day with him. Got something for him too

    1. Thank you!

      Ugh. Such an ugly thing to throw out there. Does the video have to go out of it’s way to remind me of racism when I’m looking at a poor suffering dog?

  7. I stopped watching after ALL LIVES MATTER flashed up on the screen in reference to these cops. You have got to be serious. Cops shoot to kill. That should tell you how much anyone’s life matters to them. Morons!

    1. Oh shut up. It has nothing to do with the BLM thing. This is simply ALL LIVES MATTER i.e animals as well. Stop being a fucking prick. And btw, perhaps if Blacks didn’t commit crime or simply comply with stop and search rather than run away or fight a Cop might just not shoot them….Im Asian, brown skinned, I’ve never been harassed by the Police…its because I live the right side of the law….

  8. Just the thumbnail broke my heart and I really didn’t want to click on it but if this poor soul went through hell I can go through this video.

    1. James Figueroa amen brother in Christ. Know one knows if this pup had had an owner. But to the ppl who cared enough to help one of Gods creatures, I pray you are rewarded in some way some how.

  9. This dog was obviously heart broken to be abused and abandoned. How could any human leave him there ? Why not take him to a rescue shelter or a vet ? So thankful for everyone who helped this abused dog. It took me a few days to watch this once a saw headline.

    1. I love animals, lived I a home st farm. People would throw all kittens borne would put them in a brown canvas bag, tied a knot at the top & throw it in dirt driveway & drive away.

      We found it & untied. So we built a home for them to live in straw. We had milk cows every morning & at night. We filled a large pie pan, so we 3 of with warm milk. I took 1 to live me within the house. Then we announced in church, if anyone would adopt one. Some did. We kept feeding a little of scraps after we ate & also warm milk. But they kept our mice out of the farm. Eventually they made their home up higher in stacked straw. We used straw for chicken beds for straw & for the coral for the straw. We turned over & over. Then in springtime we used as fertilizer on the farm & vegetables in our garden. Everything in our garden & farm organic. Our potatoes were very large.

  10. the richest and most powerful country in the world but people there manage too often to treat their pets like sh1t, it is a total disgrace

    1. Atleast we dont treat it like a open animal buffet like some countries. Still bad though anywhere nomatter how much money. Cuz not everyone has alot of money power etc in america dumbass

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