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  1. @badmonkey78 just remove the whole wood panel thingy @1:20 most of the cold air is stuck in the ‘attic’.

  2. Great idea , Im starting the AC dog house project tomorrow … BTW @kkjgg , thats the point the cool air is slowed suck into the attic so it it recirculated by the unit which is the main porpoise

  3. Where did you get the air conditioner? Does it seem to be cool enough with just slats in the ceiling? How much was the whole project? Great job by the way

  4. The reason I can see why he had the unit in the attic and slits cut in the ceiling is to slowly cool the room where the dog is, don’t want to freeze the dog to death just cool the dog. nice design btw.

    1. nomadcowatbk whenever u have company over smart guy, either there barking or u dont want to have there stool in sight

    2. Sometimes I work long shifts and it’s better for him if he is able to go to in the backyard, but I live in Florida so it’s hot and it rains in the afternoon.

  5. I, too, believe in having the dogs live in the house with me, their pack leader, but if I were to need to dedicate a house just for them, I’d probably copy your design. Insulated, A/C properly placed, a way to get in to clean it, and up against the human house. Nice.

  6. I love this. Our dogs are our hearts. I would buy one of these for my dog before buying my wife a box fan…. HA>

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