Aggressive/Fearful Dog Rehab – Darren part 1 (k9-1)

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Hostility Rehabilitation Training for a really afraid pet dog named Darren that has gone to Putnam Humane Society for about 8 years.

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23 Comments on “Aggressive/Fearful Dog Rehab – Darren part 1 (k9-1)”

  1. EXCELLENT VIDEO GUYS!!! I love rotties…Our dog Mojo is a Rottie/Great Pyrenees mix…..and he does the paw thing Darren was doing at the beginning…I always wanted to know why he does it and how to stop it….now I know thanks!!

  2. You’re saying that shelters should stop doing the rubber hand test. But I think the test is an essential evaluation before adopting out a dog because it exposes whether the dog is a resource guarder. Also, children may poke or prod or stick their hands in a dog’s food while it’s eating, and adults will eventually have to remove the bowl! I’m not saying food-aggression should be treated that way, but as a test, what’s the problem of doing it?
    Great work btw! Very impressive!

  3. @mahakhalil1 I think its a valid test,but shouldn’t be a death sentence – especially when it is a natural reaction to so many confused hungry dogs and even people as I demonstrated. There are better ways to evaluate a dog that will not reinforce to the dog there is a reason to guard food.A parent should not let any child prod in a Rottweiler’s bowl period regardless of this test. But,no problem doing it if you use it as a starting point and not an excuse to kill the dog. thanks for compliments!

  4. @cklatt7 Just about every dog has resource guarding or the potential to resource guard to some degree. some will only show the behavior toward other dogs. there is a real reason for that. more will be explained on my blog – only so much i can fit here.

  5. great work guys, i really appreciate what you do..i had a rottweiler and a sib. husky, both male, together for nearly 15 years…its a shame that in the us, the dogs are killed so soon and easy….i lived in miami for a year, i am in the states several times a year-i love the us, but that behaviour is just cruel…i live in germany, its not perfect, but shelter dogs are not been killed, if they dont get adopted…so carry on, all the best to you…

  6. Yes, I totally agree there! I always thought it’s very unfair to put a dog to sleep because it’s a resource guarder – especially when rehabilitation is possible, as you show us… I just don’t understand – why kill the dog when there are experts capable of rehabilitating it???

    Looking forward to more of your videos. Can you tell me how long it usually takes to rehabilitate a dog like Deren??? Thanks.

  7. I really like the reenactment of the hand test. it sort of puts it in perspective, I dont want peoples hands in my face while i’m eating either. piss off.

  8. @anticravity Sorry, I found it randomly… the search function didn’t find “Aggressive/Fearful Dog Rehab – Darren part 2” directly. Nice videos! 🙂

  9. Today I am (most likely) getting a dog X3!! My mom and I are going to the shelter. She wants a greyhound….I want any dog….we’ll see XD

  10. just like you want children to be thankful for food, you want your dog to be submissive to the one with the food (and anyone else in command). you dont say piss off to your mother when she wants to take away the food she made herself and gave to you.
    the face has not the same meaning to dogs as it has to humans, hence we consider it disrespectful if someone puts a hand near our face, but dogs dont do that, there are different psychological rules for dogs than for humans.

  11. Thank you so much for saying that. I have been saying it for years, and it drives me crazy. Often being done to a dog that has been starved and never been taught anything…how do people think they will react? So then only the most placid dog gets to live. So…thank you!

    1. That was clearly not a good dog. I would have crated mines if he proceeded to beat me with the rubber hand i politely shoved in his face.

  12. what kind of dog is darren? i want to say rottweiler but he seems….different. i dont have the proper vocabulary to describe it.

    1. i think its the head that throws me off. usually they’re more blocky and mastiff like. Darrens snout looks longer, more shepherd like i guess

  13. I would also raise the bowl higher, I’ve notice dogs who have to stance over their food become more insecure of the surroundings, and become protective rather then a dog eating a normal height.

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