Aggressive dog training and aggression rehab tips (

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Hostility rehab pet training video for hostile dogs should only be done by a qualified pet trainer. Canine Training video clip shot in new york (NY ). Food aggression, canine agression, people agressive dogs, leash aggresion pet dog training, aggressiveness toward the pet trainer, and all various other canine issues that create genuine pet bites. Hostile rehabilitation dog training with the "east coast" dog whisperer Mike D'Abruzzo at k9-1 Specialized Canine Training in New York. All pet dog training by the canine trainers are done with understanding, respect, and perseverance. If you would love to find out more concerning Michael D'Abruzzo's training techniques go to

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29 Comments on “Aggressive dog training and aggression rehab tips (”

  1. I at least like the fact that you actually use treats to counter-condition learned behaviors, but the statement about the way to fix fear based behaviors is to have the dog ;face his fears” sounds an awful lot like flooding, which caesar milan uses, which is detremental to dogs, and often makes them not calm down but shut down, which can be percieved as them being “ok” with it, but in fact they have just given up and are exausted. you don’t dondone this method, do you?

  2. The dogs are exposed to minimal correction for the behavior to polish results. it works owners because they participate during visits, when the trainer brings the dog home, and support classes. Hand is not in the bowl for Rocky because it is unnecessary training for him to succeed. If the owners need the bowl they can command him to “leave it”.He would bite for being near the food along with many other aggression issues.goal is for dog to be able to succeed enough so owner can continue at home

  3. thats also why he was tethered in the beginning. You can accomplsih almost anything with the dogs with enough patience though, only so much you can do in a couple months, but thats what support classes are for to keep them moving in a positive direction.

  4. the quick way and the best way are rarely the same way. big difference between dragging a dog along on a tight noose and the dog actually understanding off leash what you are speaking to them. besides that alpha rolls, neck jabs, butt kicks, etc go against the guidlines of this style.

  5. @kuriboh400 I kept a house line on them if there is danger of that so you can move them if needed. Use clicker training to make a collar grab fun and teach a ‘off’ or ‘move’ command. I had the same problem with my girl on the sofa but I taught her ‘off’ by luring her off the sofa and rewarding on the floor, then faiding out the lure and now she happily jumps off the sofa, and even asks to come up instead of just jumping up

  6. While I agree with the reward based training I do see some possible issues with the first dog continuing to react. The more a dog reacts, the lower the threshold each successive time. The first dog kept escalating his bite intensity. With time, the dog may bite less, but there’s a possibility that the actual bite intensity could increase. Interesting use of the protective padding.

  7. I often wonder how these dogs get so aggressive! I wonder if the owner has or does traumatise them or they’ve had a bad experience.

  8. @oneacd Because we are working mostly with the technique of “extinction” in the videos and “counter conditioning”. Simple desensitizing wasn’t going to be enough for these dogs, who already have serious aggression problems with bite histories, to be returned to their owners within a 2 month period – which was the duration of their program. We need to teach something to discourage the bite itself as well. Lifetime follow up is of course needed for best results – using mostly cc/d.

  9. thanks! this is the first video that shows techniques and not just a guy talking about dogs. i don’t want my golden retriever to become agresive this may help me thanks

  10. lack of structure and exercise. its really sad when someone has say a german shepard and they walk it once a week /:

  11. If you understood what we are doing in the video you would recognize we are using the technique of extinction paired with counter-conditioning in most the clips.We reward the calming signal and don’t reward the aggression which worked in the past for the dogs.We teach a course and certify many successful trainers in learning theory and also training MECHANICS on when to properly use and HOW to use ALL equipment. calling the ecollar a “SHOCK” collar only shows ignorance to how it is properly used

  12. Also, these dogs have all hurt people and it is my responsibility to humanely teach these dogs discipline to not only save their lives but keep people safe. The first dog in the video bit the owners finger off and hospialized every family member.There is open invitation to anyone who wants to teach the students how to do this easier and more painless and will be able to sleep at night returning the dog to the owner.I’ll even pay.Most +R only trainers wont touch these dogs and suggest euthanasia.

  13. Sorry this is Waay WAAAY over your head if you think these results are due to sloppy work.. not everything we do is found in a dogwise book.

  14. Don’t know why you are telling us “sorry” as if you are bursting our bubble on something that works. He is being a told “good boy” before he gets a treat and after i touch his leg. His lips are pulled back in fear and his bites are fear bites. The praise also has a calming effect. If you think the training exercise is ENCOURAGING biting, I don’t know what to say. You don’t understand the depth of what we are doing. Thats why all trainers should go through a specialized school.

  15. We help dogs, even ones that arm chair PHD’s recommend to get put down, You will not find any complaints about us and we have been around a long time. Go to our blog and read about the Phd’s at Cornell and how much they helped these dogs. You are just a troll. Typical unprofessional troll that repeats cliche’s but is not making a difference. This is a video of dogs that were not hurt, and in fact saved. Troll somewhere else.

  16. So it’s okay for a dog to try to rip you to shreds when you touch it’s food, but God forbid you give em a lil whap the first time they do it to prevent it from getting dangerous in the first place. I know people that raise horses. Horses can KILL you easily like dogs. One young horse kept rearing and trying to paw the owner with it’s front legs. They didn’t want to be mean to it so they would just run it in circles. The horse kept doing it until they followed my advice and whapped it on the nose the next time it tried. That was when the horse was already 3 and the owner was on the verge of getting rid of it. No more problems since then. Why is it okay for animals to bully us? Show it it’s not okay from the beginning and it won’t be a problem. You aren’t hurting the dog any more then when you give it shots. It’s for the dog’s own good to prevent bad behavior early on before it ends up getting put to sleep for bad behavior or killing someone else or you. Cesar Millan is not outdated. People are just being pansies about it. He doesn’t hurt dogs, and more people should treat aggressive dogs like he does.

    1. The thing is, they are doing what Cesar does.  Instead of telling the dog what state they want by a touch, they just wait behind their protective gear until the dog changes the state on their own.

      And a note about stress, the dog is already stressed (that’s why they are biting), so their method is also stressing the dog.  The moment when the dog surrenders, whether they are on the ground or not, the stress is released.

    2. +strikevipermkII Incorrect. When a dog is highly stressed and goes into the ‘calm submissive state’ this is actually a defense mechanism.
      The body is filling with coritisol and this is the dogs way of saying they want to be left alone. This has been studied at great length. SCIENCE tells us that the dog is highly stressed and all learning has ceased. 

      Instead of trying out BS training methods which have been proven by science to be flawed I prefer to counter condition dogs. Instead of stressing the dog out further all you need to do is show that you approaching the bowl is a good thing, not a horrible thing which results in a stressful encounter. 
      These guys are taking the long way around- all they need to do is give the dog a empty bowl and every time they approach drop food in. You should NEVER set a dog up to fail. ever.

    3. +strikevipermkII Oh and by the way, i have worked with many aggressive dogs with many different issues. Have not been bitten since I was 8 😉

    4. +Hai nao Comment to old post but how would positive reinforcement help with a dog that is already aggressive? I knew a dog whose owners adopted and he already had bad food aggression, no one could get near him even if they had chicken to distract him. He couldn’t be hand fed, and no one could get near his bowl.

    5. +Casey Lara First step would be to toss that bowl. Gone forever. Without seeing the dog myself I couldn’t comment on how exactly to approach the aggression. If there was no issue with people aggression just resource guarding then it would be pretty straight forward, that bowl gone forever…
      Slowly work up from tossing dinner to hand feeding to new bowl in new location every meal (with multiple bowls being rotated). I would also consider not having meal time on a particular schedule until the dog happily allows you to approach it’s meal and look up at you for a treat.

  17. Not one pitbull in this video. I think that should say something. But hey – I’m just one person.

    1. What uneducated response? Lol, I do believe you’re jumping to conclusions dear. I mean, not one pitbull in this video to show that not everything that has to do with aggressive dogs involves pitbulls. Now, please read things over before you attack people.

    2. +Shelby Williams there are no pitbulls in this video, but they are by far at the top of the list for serious aggression issues. 65 percent of deaths caused by dogs in this country are from pitbulls and the same percentage goes for maulings that don’t result in death. 2 children died in a week by pitbulls this week in my state alone. I love pitbulls but the biggest problem in this country is people not respecting them for what they are and pretending all they need is “love” to be safe dogs. Go to to educate yourself. Too many people are owning and babying these dogs that barely have the right to own a chihuhua.

    3. +Dog Training by I work run and own pitbulls and a pitbull rescue and you are so right! pitbulls are amazing dogs and my favorite by far, however they are a strong, confident and bossy and if you are not a strong confident balanced person you should not have one. THEY ARE NOT BEGINNERS DOGS. we see so many bites because pitbulls are back yard bred, then cheap or free. if rotts were in the same situation and not hundreds of dollars per pup we’d see the same situation with a similar breed. loving your dog doesn’t stop it from ripping an animal to shreds and those people either dump their dog in fear or keep it aggressive so they can look tough themelves…. I work hard for the bully breeds and it makes me sad to see so many people applying human behaviors and feelings to dogs. sure dogs love and have a huge range of emotional depth, but they don’t value your couch or your child the way you do, so with that being the case you HAVE TO TRY SOMEHING THEY UNDERSTAND. there is no fear in these dogs in these videos. people read a few articles then think they know….they don’t….and never will until confronted with RED ZONE CASES. keep up the good work guys and ladies 🙂 love from Northern cali

  18. Lol when you’re getting criticism from the R+ only trainers saying you shouldnt use ecollars AND criticism from the Cesar Millan lovers saying you need to smack the dogs around more…you know you’re doing something right. I applaud you. One of the first true balanced dog trainers out there. I admire everything you all do.

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