Aggression Rehab Dog Training with Hunkie – part 2

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pet dog training with Hunkie part 2. Aggressiveness rehab program. Find out more concerning the foundation style of pet dog training at.

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9 Comments on “Aggression Rehab Dog Training with Hunkie – part 2”

  1. Thanks, I enjoyed this. Sometimes when a dog shows a little aggression, people will leave the dog alone or only let limited people handle the dog, which can create more problems. The dog needs to be exposed to people, correctly, after the rules of engagement have been established. How can you punish an animal when it does not know what is expected of it? Establishing the basic training elements is what that will carry a dog through its life succesfully. Good work you do here!

  2. We have neighbour who seem to take on peoples dog. Which is great but i just wish they actually took time to control it.
    I want to ask you some advice how to deal with this dog when it starts growling at us. The owners tend to leave him outside in our neighbourhood. I have a puppy and we were playing fetch and it ran after my pup growling. Luckily he got away and got to me. he then start barking and growling at me as he entered our front garden. I froze as i wasn’t sure what to do. Help

  3. We did manage to get away when the owner eventually came out. I can’t believe the audacity of that woman to think she think she has right to be angry with me! her other dog bit my partner and a buillder. She encourages them to poop in peoples garden and don’t even think of cleaning it or apologising.

  4. It seems like a simple matter of telling the neighbor to keep her dogs safely behing a fence or on a leash supervised. If not it should be brought to the attention of the proper authorities. She is putting her own dogs and others at risk. Most likely you do have the law on your side.

  5. Thanks for the reply but we have tried this and the dog warden turn a blind eye on the matter. They woould have a talk with the owner verytime someone complains and thats it. She does nothing about it. This has been going on for years. Its the new large dog that is even more aggressive than the other one and definitely not puppy friendly.
    What should i do when this dog comes charging? I know i don’t run or turn my back to it or walk backwards. Do a video on it!? please Thanks

  6. This country needs more people like you guys. A dog isnt mean at nature it simply wants to make his master happy. so if making your master happy by fightng then thats what they will do. all dogs deserve a chance even a 2% success one. Go Hunkie…Good Boy

  7. These so called behaviorists are what I call unemployed former psychology majors…… So sad they play with these dogs’ lives like this. Shameful. Glad to know I am not alone dealing with these guys.

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