A Day In My Life // High School with a Service Dog

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I wanted to show you how a normal high school day is with a service dog!
Let me know if you would like more videos like this!

We are a forever team ❤

Cloud is my service dog. She is a 4 year old Siberian Husky. Cloud has been in my life since she was 6 weeks old but, just recently became my service dog for psychological. last year I was diagnosed with PTSD, MDD, PD, GAD and whenever i'm having an episode or panic attack she alerts me and performs DPT to help regulate the attack. She is my Angel and i couldn't of asked for any other dog to do the job for me 🙂

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79 Comments on “A Day In My Life // High School with a Service Dog”

  1. How do you ride the bus with cloud? I will going to school in a few months with my service dog and I will need to ride to bus home.

    1. VisualMoss I know you asked a while ago but if you are American there is the smaller seat on the back of the bus, it’s safer for your dog to sit on the ground so if you are able to sit in that seat, your doggo will be able to sit next to you on the ground

    1. +Azaleah Camargo Hypoallergenic dogs produce less dander is all. No dogs are 100% hypoallergenic. If somebody has a severe allergy it doesn’t matter. If they have asthma as well as an allergy, dogs being in the same room could kill them if they don’t have an inhaler.

    2. Azaleah Camargo most of those types of dogs are small and are not used as service dogs. German Shepards, labs, huskys , retrievers, etc. Large but more medium size dogs are typically service dogs. Only time you would see a smaller dog with a service harness is if it’s an ESA. And they’re not typically allowed everywhere like other service dogs because they aren’t considered necessary for safety like a service dog for epilepsy would be

    3. Azaleah Camargo yeah, erridiom is right. hypoallergenic doesnt necessarily mean no allergic reaction. i have a severe dog allergy and actually by what ive experienced i will sometimes react worse to hypoallergenic dogs than i do normal ones.

  2. Can ya get a service dog for panic attacks and anxiety cuz I take up to 5 panic attacks a day in school and my friend said I should try to get a service dog but I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to get one

    1. +Animal Lover I’m pretty sure that if it is a registered service animal they are allowed anywhere and everywhere public.

    2. +Just_Chloe_ Indiana have you heard of psychiatric service dogs? Lmao. Service dogs aren’t just for physically disabled people.

    3. it doesn’t need to be a physical illness to get a service dog, people need to educate themselves before they try to educate others, blows my mind

    4. +Peanut Giraffe panic attacks aren’t just the whole shaking and hyperventilating. Some people have panic attacks where they blank out and go completely still and stare into blank space while panicking on the inside. Someone could have a panic attack with out others being able to notice or detect it.

    5. Trenyce Galvin try talking to your doctor about it weather you have just a doc for checkups and etc or a doctor for your mental health and they can work it out for you hope this helps!

  3. i really hope your senior quote last year (if your school did those) was “no, you can’t pet cloud”

    bc my mom has a service dog that’s a german shepard and a mini poodle, and people are constantly going up to him and petting him or making faces at him, and i figured since cloud is so heckin cute and fluffy that ppl probably do the same 🥰

    1. +VisualMoss that sucks! my school hasn’t done them in at least 5 years bc a few kids were putting inappropriate stuff as their quote. now we do a mini “senior personality picture” on the side of the yearbook pic

  4. I like how I’m watching this when it’s super late at night and I should be sleeping so I can wake up early for school plus it’s finals week

  5. Cloud is the cutest husky I have a husky named sky they would go perfect together I love her so much she has a blue and a brown eye to

  6. Omg I noticed his service dog coat (I’m sorry if that’s not it’s called) and how it said every cloud has a silver lining and I thought that was just so precious

    1. Lucy you obviously don’t know what it’s like to talk to NO ONE all day. Dogs are special but u need human interaction. I would know 🙄🙄

    2. Layla Belle a lot of people don’t mind not having human interaction with a lot of people. Probably just some with very specific people. I honestly prefer being completely alone cuz i have trust issues.

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