41 Comments on “8′ x 12′ Dog Kennel”

    1. Issac Newton Lmao you do know that their are different styles and sizes for these dog houses. Also, he wants you to call so that you can make a purchase! Can’t do that through Youtube!

    1. It was a question. It is only negative because you chose to read it that way. So now who is the negative DOH Norm? Did you know that it is entirely possible to NOT comment on things when you are just stupid?

    2. i really dont know but im sure i would have cutt and put in a drain somewhere on the floor, but floor would have to be a bit tilted towards the drain

    3. ThreeDogs Mama
      There’s a gap at the bottom of the fencing so I assume that the water would run out there, and down the sides onto the ground (That’s my best assumption anyway)

  1. But where is the poor dogs bed? And it should be at least air conditioned cence you spent that much money on a dog” And how about heat in the winter” Lol

    1. Dogs dont need insolation,they have fur “coats”.As example German Shepherd double coat dog so he doesen’t need it,evry dog got his “system” of cooling and warming.
      And btw he didn’t build this for his dog,its for sell!!!You will add everything else dog needs…(bowl for water and food,bed)!!!

    2. why can you make your own I made one of my moon and it’s 30×25 and my pups and mom and dad dogs names husky

  2. that is nice !! i need one of those for my Rottweiler his name is camacho, and when i get home all drunk and doors are locked i might as well slide in that lil cabin and sleep over with my dog lol

    1. Pro Fighter you know dan Henderson now lol did you go to school with Tito Ortiz also and play baseball with Dan Severn lol please old timer Boone believes you go drink some bleach please . Make sure to pass that bleach to you wife and kids and dog.

    2. Fucking hilarious! You registering you and your sister’s babies AKC. I’ve always wondered what a Saint Bernard/Miniature Poodle would look like? LOL. WINNING!!!

    3. Just had to check back in for a sec.. I love how obvious you are showing everybody how easy it is to beat you down verbally and get you so frustrated. Crying. You are barely coherent now. Lemme give you a couple hours to recuperate and then off to round two. Go get a little relief from your Saint Bernard looking sissy. LOL. WINNING!!!

  3. Sadly, often dogs are left outside by dog-owners that aren’t putting enough effort into their pets. Whether they’re unwilling or unable to train and socialize their dogs, or whether they have unrealistic expectations of their dog’s behavior, some people find it easier to just keep their dogs outside.

    1. The Canine Nutritionist
      Or how about some dogs shed or slob too much to be in the house? I have two Presa Canarios and they slob like a newborn baby. But our Dogo only slob when she’s nervous, and that’s only on car rides right now(she’s only 8 weeks).

  4. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover shed design online try Ichordo Shed Blueprints Fixer (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got great results with it.

  5. Poor design. Water cannot drain. Also, you should be able to walk in the back area without the dog being able to escape.

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