6 Important Facts About Dangerous and Safe Dog Treats

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Which Dog Treats are Dangerous

Dog owners love to think of their dogs as children. “That’s my baby,” they’ll say when referring to their dogs. They’ll refer to themselves as “Mommy” or “Daddy” when talking to their dogs as well. And, of course, they buy their dogs treats. Choosing the right dog treat can be tricky.

What is some of the most dangerous treats I can give my pet?
Well today we’re going to break it down for you. We get a lot of questions about dangerous treats so here you go!

#1 Know the treat:

This just involves getting to know how the treat is broken down and how it is ultimately consumed by your pet. Some treats crumble and other treats don’t. Some treats are great for large dogs but, they would be a complete nightmare for small dogs or even a cat so it’s important to monitor your pet anytime you give them a treat.

#2 Know the Risks:

It is really important to know the risks of your dogs treat! Throughout the years vets complain about doing alots of surgeries and lots of injuries related to dangerous treats. Vets claim they have seen tooth fractures really bad cuts in the mouth or lacerations. I’ve seen some treats get lodged in the trachea or even the esophagus. Some treats even get lodge in the intestines and in some cases even seen colonic impaction so it’s important to know all the various risks that treats impose before giving him to your pet dog.

#3 Danger Treats:

Vets says they have seen a lot of injuries related to nylon bones or regular bone. A regular bone shatters sometimes and this can end up in your dogs intestine, this will end up as a perforation or even a hole and you don’t want that. Pig ears or cow hooves sometimes can lacerate or cut the esophagus or windpipe these obviously pose a certain risk. Large rawhides certainly can cause Cuts in the mouth and even fractures of the two so really hard toys or large Rawhide certainly have inherent risk associated with them in the mouth.

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#4 Low Risk Treats:

Now that I’m done scaring you on what are some of the most dangerous treats you can give your pets let’s talk about some treats that are ok or oppose minimal risk. Vets recommend to go by the hammer rule. If you can hammer a nail in the treat it is not recommended to give it to your pet. Vets say anything that bends is probably going to be okay.

#5 Examples of Safer Dog Treats:

Dental treat, that typically you can give that will help remove Tartar and plaque and is still really tasty.

Milk bones are similar they can remove tartar plaque and are good for overall oral help but again they crumble they’re tasty they dissolve and are pretty safe.

Compressed Rawhide make them less likely to break off in big chunks this again good for overall oral help so check with your veterinarian before giving a compressed Rawhide but in general this type of treat can pose a lower risk.

Beef jerky tends to dissolve this is certainly less abrasive and poses a very minimal risk cutting the mouth or causing a tooth fracture or something like that. But, again you got to monitor this. Because, if your dog likes to break off big chunks yes it can go down the esophagus and cause little cuts.

#6 Home Solutions:

Let’s talk about some Home Solutions to giving your pet.
Cauliflower: A treat my dog absolutely loved cauliflower maybe it was a crunch maybe it was a taste of who cares it’s nutritious and he loved it. Other possible treats to give your dog are, Broccoli or Raw carrots are a great solutions too, Raw cooked or dehydrated sweet potatoes are great to give your dog.


One Important point about homemade treats is you got to consider it part of their daily caloric intake. So if you’re giving your dog food and part of that food is treats a lot of dogs can gain weight. So if we’re going to give treats at home let’s make sure we cut back on the food. For instance lean cuts of chicken, lean cuts of beef, lean cuts of pork sometimes can be okay for your dog. Keep in mind the size of your dog and how much you’re giving them. In addition, make sure that if you’re going to give a lot of treats that you cut back on the food and vice versa.

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