6 Best Dog Training Tools That Always Work

dog training tools

In as much as we’d like to think that our beloved pet dogs or puppies can be trained based on voice commands alone, it is not as effective or efficient. That’s why several dog training tools have been created to aid trainers when teaching and disciplining their dogs. Each tool is used either to answer to specific training tasks or as a general tool to be used.

The 6 Best Dog Training Tools

#1 Dog crates

Dog crates are usually plastic, cloth-covered or mesh wired. These are used to potty and house train puppies or adult dogs, as well as getting them used to being left alone at home.

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#2 Collar and Leash

The collar and leash are among the most popular devices used. It aids most specifically when instructing a dog to come, stop as well as also stay. You can stop usage once the dog voluntarily does these commands. You can also use it to walk your dog around. Use harnesses when training your dog to refrain from pulling on the leash.

#3 Clicker Training

When pressed, the clicker is a device that produces a clicking sound. It’s probably one of the most recommended training tools available. It’s a non-violent and humane way of training your dog via mind-conditioning and association. It works by making clicks whenever he acts out good behavior which would then be followed by a reward and praises. It reinforces his attitude towards certain actions and encourages him to do it again. As he gets more used to it, the use of clicks slowly lessen.

#4 Dog Treats

Unlike many other tools, dog treats are something you simply can not do without. It is with this that you get your dog interested in training, as well as a means to affirm his correct doings. These may range from small pieces of kibble, toys, bone marrows with yummy fillings, or raw hides.

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#5 Deterrents

Bitter taste or smell deterrents are used to prevent dogs from peeing or chewing on just about anything. It works by applying it in small amounts over objects or areas that he’d most likely violate. As soon as he sniffs the deterrent or tastes, he’ll associate these objects and areas as well as his action with the bad experience.

#6 Muzzles

Muzzles and bite suits are more specialized types of dog training tools that are specifically used in training sessions for police, guard or attack dogs. Although, Muzzles may be used when disciplining aggressive dog breeds especially if they have a biting problem.


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When choosing your training tools, equipment and size, do consider your dog’s age and breed, as well as the nature of training. It will narrow down what you really need from what may well serve as an accessory tool.

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