31 – Dog Crate Sofa Table

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Dog crate sofa table…. why? well because we wanted something that looked nicer in our living room than just the metal dog crates. So we set out to build a sofa table that had the dog crate built into it… Well we have 2 fairly large dogs so the size got big… 7' side 31" deep and 33" high. I hope you enjoy the build.

Music Credit:
"Relaxing Piano Music" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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42 Responses to “31 – Dog Crate Sofa Table”
  1. Jim Bolton says:

    Good video. Have’nt seen you for a while. Welcome back.

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      Yeah… life happens and I hadn’t been able to get back in the shop. I’m still trying to get as many videos as I can up… Thanks for watching.

  2. Juancarlos Davila says:

    hi gizmo and gadget. thier new corner of the house…
    It turned out great.

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      Gracias amigo. Gizmo y Gadget lo usan mucho mas de lo que pensamos… LOL! Saludos.

    • Juancarlos Davila says:

      tienes el grarage de mis sueños…y lo mejor… tienes el tiempo para hacer un monton de cosas bien curadas…
      saludos desde donde ganamos pesos pero gastamos dolares…jajaja…

  3. John Arnolde says:

    Glad to see you back. Missed your videos. Great project too.

  4. Jon Miller says:

    Great work! Your shop is looking great. I’m especially jealous of that Domino. Someday…

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      Yeah the Domino is an amazing tool… I actually had anybody that gave me a gift for birthday or christmas or anything give me Amazon gift cards and I saved them all and after a long time I had enough and I treated myself to the Domino…


    I like that. Well done! 👍

  6. michael white says:

    I really enjoyed this project , turned out great

  7. Smedleydog1 says:

    Great idea. That looks way better than the metal crates.

  8. Peter M says:

    Additional tip for drill press shimming: When shimming stock on a drill press to adjust depth look out for bowing or flexing in your shim. A wiggly shim can change not just the depth of the hole but also the drilling angle, that can cause problems for tight fit holes. Flat shims are harder to find the longer they get.

  9. Jd Dickens says:

    What breed of dogs are those? Reason I’m asking is I’m wanting to build sonething like this for my German shepherd and wasn’t sure what size to build it

  10. Chuck Dumont says:

    Jorge, great project! Do you have plans for this you could share?

  11. Jim Gellein says:

    I am going to build one similar for my son. Where did you get the bars? Love my domino.

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      Jim Gellein I actually went to a steel yard and got 3/8 steel tube. Solid bars are to heavy that’s why I went with steel tube and they are way strong enough.

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      Jim Gellein here in LOs ANGELES I went to Metal industrial supply in Burbank area. Not sure where you are so might be different for you but I’m pretty sure most Steel yard will have them

    • Jim Gellein says:

      Thank you very much. I will make the search here in WA.

  12. THE HOG says:

    how much was the cost in materials

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      I used Red Oak solid lumber and Red Oak plywood, so the cost was a little higher than using cheaper materials but overall I think it cost in materials around $350, plus stuff I had in my shop like the festool dominos, glue, and stain and finish.

    • THE HOG says:

      nice that sounds reasonable the red oak is expensive but well worth it in the long run. great video ive been looking for something like this tired of the regular dog crate.

  13. patriotsrus says:

    great job! beautiful piece of furniture and cozy puppy bed.

  14. Ivonne Jansen says:

    yes please update with design plans of cut out sizes and plans step by step please, would love to buid for my bulldogs duke & daisy

  15. jorge #arc says:

    Good project I live it. But that workshop is amazing.

  16. Tina Smith says:

    How can I go about creating a cutlist for the size I need to build? I have the measurements for the size I need but I’m stuck after that.

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      I basically figured out the size of the box. (Mine was a double but can also be a single) once you have your “box dimensions you are basically creating a front, back and sides frame. Then figure out how thick you want the frame sides I think I used 3” widths. The only other consideration is the size of the doors on the front.

  17. TexPR1 says:

    Love this and your dogs are so well behaved. You can tell they are well cared for!

  18. ychavira3 says:

    I need one for my Great Danes.

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      One of our friends brings his Great Dane and he gets in it but it would be better if it was taller! Lol.

  19. Matthew Morrison says:

    What did you use for the bars and where did you get them?

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      I used 3/8” steel tube, I got it from a steel yard. They come in 20’ lengths and I cut it with a grinder.

    • J Lozano says:

      Where did you get them? Do they sell it at big box stores?

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      I have never seen them in the big box stores… I used 3/8″ Steel tube, I got them at a Metal supply yard in Los Angeles. The Steel Yard is called Industrial Metal Supply. They have location in California and Arizona, but really any metal supply yard or steel yard will have these as they are very typical.

    • J Lozano says:

      Do you have any idea of the cost?

    • Jorge Araujo says:

      Yeah I bought 2 long tubes 20’ each and the cost was $28 for both.

  20. Jo Flores says:

    You don’t need to explain so much the video will be better if you do more and let your work explain itself more. Other woodworker know what your doing and those that don’t won’t anyway. great build and great video though!

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