22 Most Popular Dog Breeds For 2017

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From the cool Siberian Husky to the friendly Golden Retriever, here are some of 2017’s most popular doggos.

9. The Rottweiler
The breed happens to be one of the oldest herding breeds and it’s believed they are possibly descended from herding dogs used by the Roman Empire. Rottweilers might seem like a vicious breed that can attack you at a moment’s notice, but really they’re just lovable giants. Their reputation as being unfriendly and prone to nasty behavior is mostly the fault of the owner due to abuse, neglect, and improper socialization or lack of. In reality, this breed is dedicated to protecting its family and has a temperament that is calm and confident.

8. The Poodle
This national dog of France actually originated in Germany where it was bred to be a hunter. These days, the breed is more of a show dog where it has competed and won in the Westminster Kennel Dog Show and the World Dog Show. Since it is classified as being the second most intelligent dog breed, the first being the Border Collie, poodles are perfect for competing as they are able to perform a multitude of tricks. Fun fact: their coats happen to be waterproof making them excellent swimmers.

7. Yorkshire Terrier
Originally, the Yorkshire Terrier was bred back in the 19th century of Yorkshire, England in order to help catch rats that would make their homes in clothing mills. This is why the breed's size is so small and the average Yorkie will only weigh up to 7 pounds while some can surpass this weighing in at 15 pounds. Because they were bred to work, Yorkies do require a good amount of mental and physical stimulation such as long walks and games. These smart pups are usually geared for families with older people and not for children under 8.

6. The French Bulldog
Also known as “Frenchies,” the French Bulldog’s popularity has managed to have a 245 percent increase in the last 10 years as reported by the American Kennel Club. These high maintenance dogs do have special requirements that should be purchased by experienced pet owners. They suffer from separation anxiety and can not be left alone for more than a couple hours at a time, especially as puppies. This will lead to them chewing up on things they can get a hold of. One of these pups will end up costing you between $2,000 to $7,000.

5. The Beagle
This breed has been around for quite some time, precisely around 2,500 years, though the modern breed that we know today was breed in Great Britain back in the 1830’s. The Beagle has managed to remain a fairly popular breed with homeowners due to their stature and well-behaved temper. A bonus to this breed is that they can live up to 12 to 15 years and have a low rate of inheriting health problems. Though, they can suffer from obesity in old age and sometimes stricken with epilepsy.

4. The Bulldog
You might be surprised to find the Bulldog so high up on the list as it’s usually found farther up, around numbers ten through twelve. The Bulldog is known for having a personality that is described as being “kind and courageous,” although it should be noted that they are prone to being quite stubborn. They make excellent housepets as they are capable of forming incredibly strong bonds with children. They do require daily exercise in order to prevent them from becoming obese as this breed does love to eat.

3. The Golden Retriever
Thanks to television and films like Homeward Bound and Air Bud, Golden Retrievers have become solidified as one of the most sought-after breeds around the world. It’s also the fact that the breed is just known for being overall exceptional. Their friendly disposition makes them socially great with not just people, but other animals as well. Self-confident and playful, this breed needs a lot of exercise in order to keep its puppy personality, which can last between three and four years, from getting too hyper.

2. The German Shepherd
Known for being one of the most intelligent breeds, the German Shepherd is one fiercely loyal dog that will be devoted to whatever family it joins. Originally bred for the purpose of herding sheep, the German Shepherd has now evolved into a working dog that is being used to detect explosives, for search-and-rescues, and even acting as service dogs for those with disabilities. Their inquisitive nature and reservations about strangers make them excellent guard dogs but they can become over-protective if they aren’t socialized properly.

1. The Labrador Retriever
It’s no surprise that the Labrador Retriever is the number one spot as it has been for the last 25 years since it dethroned the poodle back in 1991. This is the longest reign a dog has had the title for number 1 breed on the American Kennel Club’s list, the previous being the poodle’s 22-year run. Labs are described as being well-tempered and are ideal for families that have children or other pets.

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  1. They are all great dogs, but I love my pound puppy.. She is a Shepherd, Basenji and who knows what else mix. She is beautiful and has a Shepherd face but is much smaller and her chest and forelegs are short and stout like a Basenji. I would take her over any breed anywhere. She needed love and she found us as her forever home.

  2. The poodle is a French dog breed descending from the Barbet dog. When the breed was standardised in 1936 by the FCI, Germany officially recognised the poodle as being a French breed. The poodle being a German breed is a myth…

  3. Imagine if dogs chatted about the most popular human ethnicities to be owned by. Haha it’s weird if you switch the roles.

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