1. The got was okay. People saved him. That was a slope. And that goat literally just walked up there and tbh goats are actually good climbers.

      I also laughed. the goat must have been really excited of being free.

    1. No, graspers like that dont stay tight unless you’re holding the actual rope at the other end. Even if it had gotten the grasper caught on something it would’ve been an easy escape.

  1. To anyone wondering about the sheep at 4:05 , it got up and walked away just fine in the full video. It was a pretty dumb mistake the rescuers made, but at least it lived.

    1. I don’t think you should blame the rescuers for trying to save the animal. Tranquilizing it was probably more risky. They were doing the best they could.

    1. Bob The Builder THAT high??!! Holy moly!! I know they jump but I never in a million years thought goats would jump THAT high!!

    2. i;m pretty sure he was back a lot further near the trees and the cliff then just bouncing along the wire cause it was downhill .. but i thought he was gonna get electrocuted or something.


    And then I realised the humans were saving the babies of the female shark since it was going to die and give up her baby sharks lives.

    1. Goats are pretty good climbers and jumpers. I guess she went up a tree to eat some tasty leaves and when she jumped down she gots stuck on the line.

    2. goats can climb so that goat could’ve climbed a tree then attempted to jump off and got caught on the power lines.

    1. so yall are saying that they cut the part where the lamb walked it off, but they also repeated a cut of the lamb falling…. I appreciate the content but the editing is baffling

  3. Its wonderfull to see there still good people in this world and to see that we can help others this inspired me. I want to hug the people that did this. And you can see we can still change the world. By doing small things and big things. WE CAN STILL GET THIS WORLD A LOVING WORLD WITH ANIMALS AND PEACE SO STAND UP AND START WITH BEGINNING TO LET OTHERS IN. I hope the world will can change. LOVE EACHOTHER!!!❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  4. Makes me think there are still human beings that walk the earth. Most are not. Most kill and leave animals to suffer horrible painful deaths and when man does help,it makes me happy enough to cry joy

    1. Are Sol at first I was like why are you cutting open a shark that is bad but then I realized it was because of the babies

  5. I love πŸ’ž.. All 😘 Animals..πŸ’..πŸ•.. 🐈.. πŸ….. 🐎.. πŸ„.. πŸ–.. 🐏.. 🐐.. πŸͺ.. 🐘.. πŸ‡.. 🐿.. πŸ¦ƒ.. πŸ•Š.. 🐒.. πŸ‹.. 🐬.. 🐠.. πŸ™.. Plz..guys save the animals πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ..and change yr life πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.. Plz like πŸ’— and comment….

    1. There is no sense is there a unicorn!!!

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