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    1. Dont put your “service” animal in breathing distance to someone it can kill with its dander? Which person with a disability is more important in this scenario? Does having a dog make that person more special than the person with the dog allergy disability? My daughter is allergic to peanuts highly allergic. We dont ask anyone to cater to us. We simply do not eat things we do not prepare. No one is forcing us to eat peanuts. We are in the minority, sucks for us, but we adapt without complaint. Those who need a service animal to function should do the same thing. They are in the minority, it sucks for them, but they should adapt to survive. They are FORCING other people to adapt to them which is bullshit. My daughter cant get on a plane that serves peanuts. We dont try to force them to stop serving them, and have them clean the plane professionally so that we can get on. We have to drive where we go. Aholes with service animals think everyone should bend to their wants. This guy pushing a animal that shouldnt be in a closed compartment area with humans in the first place is what one would expect to happen when its a danger to his spouse. Having a service animal does not make you any more special than anyone else nor does it give you extra special rights than anyone else.

      But with a screen name like that Id imagine you are always looking for ways to point out hate………..when its actually not.

  1. Instead of pushing the dog, notify the airline staff to change your seat with another passenger? I’m sure anyone on that airplane would have no issue changing their seat with the old man and his wife to ensure the safety of both families. Why act on violence when this problem could be easily solved with just an exchange of words.

    1. +ElsaLovesNailPolish Context. This is a video about conflicts between service dog owners and people who don’t want to be around service dogs. Please don’t throw the “but I never said…” cliché at me. I’m not particularly interested in the trivial argument that if someone has an allergy to a common allergen they should take precautions. Duh. The salient point in the context of this video is that people shouldn’t be placed in life threatening situations because other people have new entitlements to introduce those common allergens in more and more environments.

      And, again, in the context of this video, medication/shots are NOT the “only way” to prevent or reduce the chance of a reaction.

    2. Aiah Zohar They are absolutely the only way as someone with such a deadly allergy doesn’t even have to be around the dog itself to have a reaction. All that needs to be introduced to the environment is dog dander, which travels with people who are around dogs wherever they go. Add a person or multiple people with dog dander all over them to a plane which is tiny and recycling the air, what else do you expect. Also, dogs, and not just service dogs, are allowed on planes. It is the airlines’ policies. You don’t like it, don’t fly. Like I mentioned before, I have a peanut allergy and I choose to fly. The airline can’t control the food people bring on the plane with them and they can’t guarantee that I won’t have a reaction from peanuts that are being served as snacks. I know that I am taking a risk. However, it is a calculated risk, as I have my epipen with me and I know that the chance of having a life threatening reaction from just breathing in peanut dust is microscopic.

    3. +ElsaLovesNailPolish I reject your argument, “They are *absolutely the only way* …” You’re sharing your opinion, not an objective fact. There are alternatives and more and more US citizens are using the same voting system to challenge laws we disagree with. We clearly have different priorities. This national battle will continue to play out in the courts, voting booths, and consumer wallets.


    4. I know!! I defend both sides by trying to look on both sides, but when you really look at it, both are in the wrong. He began to assault.. Manley? I don’t remember his name. But instead of having pushed/”punching” the dog, he could’ve calmly told the man to move his dog slightly because the wife was allergic.

    5. Just Shut Up Pls totally agree.

      I have been on flights with my service dog and have had people request to change seats. The stewards asked if anyone is willing to sit next to a service dog, and amazingly there are people who like dogs and change seats. Usually I get cute girls that change seats to sit next to me 😉 huge plus. I have to have my doctors fill out forms for the airlines to have her on the plane with me. So people insisting the dog is not a service animal baffles me.

  2. No one respects service dogs anymore because of snow flakes that want to take their pets everywhere abusing service dog laws.

    1. I completely understand the hate against people who get these fake service dog or esa vests, and abuse service dog laws, but some people here don’t seem to understand that the people who have actual service and esa dogs, really do need them. They save lives, and help people live a normal life, even the esa dogs, even tho some of you might not understand it.

    2. Exactly i just posted about this. Most people who are fighting with this are usually those who are NOT blind, deaf, or terminally ill! Dogs can fly kennel not sure if people understand that

    3. Yeah I once had a fake service dog run at me and try bite my arm…
      It was a German Shepard.
      Their teeth are incredibly sharp.

  3. I think a lot of the people commenting are failing to see any other side than the one presented to them. Chances are, that was not an actual service dog. If you watch its behavior during the filming, you get pretty clear signs that it is not… from it pulling in front of the owner as they walked out of the runway terminal to it cowering when the owner got near it at one point. That owner seems abusive. We hear one side of a story and people immediately jump to conclusion and raise the pitch forks. We don’t know how the elderly man even touched the dog or if he touched the pregnant wife. Why not question things from all sides? Was the dog wandering the isle, was it very close to the allergic woman? How did the elderly man move the dog… did he gently encourage it to move away, lightly pressing on it or did he abusively punch it? Many of you guys commenting are part of the ‘don’t ask questions just attack’ problem. From the video, what I see is a violent man with a dog that does not seem to be an actual service dog (it’s easy to get a service dog certificate, which is an all together false idea. No documentation is needed to have a service dog. An actual service dog has gone through training and has a specific purpose.). Also, if you pay attention to the pregnant wife, she questions the husband. It seems to me she has no idea what is going on, which says she was never touched.

    1. Notice how the most popular comments are all from dog lovers defending the animal? Many of these people don’t care about the facts. They’re responding emotionally.

    2. +Kara B service dogs take years to fully train and must pass a public access test before even being considered fully working and taken out into the public. so yes, people who educate themselves about service dogs and the laws are educated in what to expect and not to expect on how a service dog behaves.

    3. Although a lot of that is correct, I’ve had a dog. They tend to get scared/overwhelmed when a lot is happening, hence the reason why the dog was cowering, since he hadn’t a clue what was going on. If he was abusive, that dog would’ve run away (considering he let go of the leash.) As for the pulling, it could’ve showed that the dog could sense that he needed to get his owner off the plane before things got more out of hand than needed, resulting in the dog forcefully pulling him. You are slightly hypocritical, though. You’ve been indirectly defending the older man because you hadn’t stated once that there could’ve been more to his story, as well. The wife could’ve had growing concern and if she was confused, remember that she is deaf. She can’t hear whats going on.

    1. +Janoy Gee Uh, they exist. They’re there to alert the deaf owner when there’s something going they can’t hear around them since they’re deaf. Like a speeding bus, cars passing by, someone calling their name, etc.

  4. That is not a real service dog. It might be an ESA but it is not a trained service animal. Watch how it drags the guy up or down the loading ramp. Real, trained service animals do not drag their owners anywhere.

    1. Earthly Brown dragging isn’t an appropriate task. Guide work aka leading u to a safer space is but dragging is not appropriate

    2. cosmicj88 Thank you. I agree I am partially blind and I have some friends who have guide dogs. My one friend takes her dog’s ID tag with her so that people will not think it is a “fake service animal”. I have spoken to many people who have openly told me that they are going to pay $80 and get their PET registered so they don’t have to pay a pet deposits and so they can take their untrained dog into places. People need to put a stop to these fake service animals. But no! Everyone is scared of a lawsuit and social media backlash.

    3. That’s so true at all. It could be a trained task and also it could have been acting different because of the intense situation it’s still a living thing it’s going to react it’s not a robot. I’m so tired of people thinking they know everything about other peoples survive animals

  5. The deaf guy was obviously waiting for an opportunity to fight someone and this poor old man was his victim

  6. Its close quarters. I dont want to be on a plane next to a dog. Period. Passengers need to be notified ahead of time and the owners should have designated seats. Just because you dont mind animals doesn’t mean everyone feels like you.

    1. You DO NOT have the right to touch someone else, or someone else’s property just because you feel it’s in your way! I mean–you wouldn’t push a person, their kid, or touch their things, right? …That would be rude and inappropriate. Same thing with a person’s dog, certainly. The proper thing to do would be to say “excuse me sir, but could you please move your dog over a bit…” It’s called manners. Parents should have taught you this a long time ago…some stranger on YouTube shouldn’t have to teach you this! Fyi, and I would definitely take my lesson to heart, because if you start shoving other people’s pets or kids around on your next plane ride–Well, you might find you are the subject of the next passenger confrontation video…certainly if it happens to be me or mine!

    2. +Kai Nebua What comment u ignorant fool? I have short hair because it keeps me cool .and it’s easier to keep clean. If no one likes a woman with short hair that’s their problem same as sitting next to a service dog. Allergies are not an excuse to harass a service animal.

    3. +Katie Parent Read this again you child. “You’re absolutely right, I think women with short hair are disgusting, i dont want to be on a plane next to a short haired woman. Period. I expect airlines to notify me upfront when there are short haired women on the flight, they should have designated seats. Just because you don’t mind short haired women doesn’t mean everyone feels like you” Did you ever go to school and learn about satire?

  7. I owned a Great Dane for 14 years and lived him very much, that being said I can NOT imagine taking him on an airplane. These animals are way too large to be service dogs and should never be taken on a plane out of courtesy to others. They drool and leave wet spots when we they touch you and she’s terribly. They do not make good service dogs. Not everyone wants to be around your horse. Not to mention it is too easy to register any animal as a support dog or service dog now and it has ruined a lot of people’s tolerance for any animal. I have a friend hat registered her unruly, barking Goldie as her service dog for migraines just to be able to take it to hotels and she laughs about how the service workers who say “no dogs” can do nothing about it. She has never had a migraine in her life and that dog chews up everything.

    1. I cant believe your friend! Service dogs and Emotional Support Animals DO NOT NEED TO BE REGISTERED, period!! There is no such this as registries. You need to have a disability for both an ESA and Service Dog, and you need a letter from a prescribed therapist for an ESA, and must be legally disabled for a service dog. Your friend just wasted their money on registries, but either way, that is terrible. I totally agree that great Danes are a bit big, but depending on his disability, he may need a taller and stronger dog for mobility and bracing? Just an assumption 🙂

  8. He still didn’t have no right to kick the dog😑. Those airlines need to hire pple that know sign language

  9. How to handle service dogs on flights? Require legitmate paperwork proving their “service dog” is really a service dog. Most of these jackoffs are bringing their companion pets into places, on planes, trains, buses, because its internet certified. I knew 10 years ago that this was going to get abused by the general public. Change the laws regarding service animals and throw the book at these idiots.

    1. ameliaweights also so far under ADA law only dogs and mini horses are identified as service animals, everything else would qualify as a support animal and they cannot stay in a hotel

    2. ameliaweights My friend is a guide dog owner and they do have IDs 🙂 She brings them with her everywhere I think. A lot of people are trying to bring their fake service animals in public places…And they see nothing wrong with it.

  10. the deaf guy is pretty aggressive. should definitely not be kicking and shoving when hes upset. If the dog owners file charges pretty sure the old man can just file charges right back.
    No he shouldn’t be shoving service dogs but theres no actual video or evidence of that. there is however, video evidence of the dog owner assaulting him

  11. sooo, he had issues with the guy touching his dog (to keep it away) so he has the right to physically assault him half an hour later in the terminal? ummm. no. that’s now how defense works.

    1. Did you forget the part where the man claims he punched his PREGNANT wife? That’s an unborn child. If he hit her in the wrong place, that baby could have some major issues. That was self defense and he was protecting his wife, and his child.

    2. +Just Shut Up Pls SaltyBrains is right. In criminology, there’s a difference between self defence and provocation. Self defence will be a complete defence while provocation is only a partial defence. Self defence is afforded only so long as the danger continues and when the danger has passed, the justification no longer exists. In this case, the danger has clearly passed in the terminal and the assault of the old man is no longer under ‘self defence’, but provocation. The deaf man is still committing an offence.

  12. People lacking the ability to objectively judge situations.
    Going by evidence we have:
    – no proof of the man “punching” wife and dog
    – proof of the husband being overly aggressive and commiting physical assault
    – admittance of the old man that he pushed the dog away
    – 0:27 at least to me a clear indication that the dog is not a proper service animal, they wouldn’t “run away” from their owner.

    1. The man admitted he pushed the dog out of the way and if someone pushed my dog I might think they were punching my dog, too! With that kind of scuffle going on a lot of dogs would run back. You don’t know the dog was running from the owner or because he got pushed. Someone allergic should not be where they can not get away from whatever they are allergic to. If someone is that allergic to dogs they would also be allergic to the dander on the dog’s owner even if the dog was not there!

  13. Something is off here. 1. He’s not so concerned with his wife or child and is more interested in being aggressive and fighting a man seated in a seat on a plane. 2. In the terminal he shoves the man showing he is still aggressive and the thing that really caught my eye was he own service dog showed clear signs of fear of his owner. Service dogs protect their owners so the fact that this one was afraid and showed clear signs of fear tells me a lot. Yes it tells me this guy is highly violent and i would put money that he beats this dog and maybe even his wife. It’s true if I ever see someone place their hands on a service dog I will be the first to step in and I have but that includes the owner.

    1. Flying is stressful and when you have a disability it is even worse because no one really understands you. Him hitting his dog possibly may have been out of reflex but st the same time because of the breach in communication things weren’t expressed clearly and came across as an attack

  14. Okay… First of all, never touch a service dog (Unless the owner says its okay) over allergies. If her allergies are that bad, get an EpiPen (Her allergies weren’t that bad if the dog was near her in the first place). And the FBI seriously?!? I don’t know about all the punching and fighting though… That’s over the top.

    1. +Minnesnowta Service pup nova you know what also helps with seizures…. Medicine. True story. The fact of the matter is this story is about someone shoving dog out of their personal space and a disabled man waiting a hour and a half to get revenge. It was way past the fact. You have a designated area for you your belongings and now what looks to be pets. Keep them there. If a man sets there arm on you while flying youd be upset. If someone has gas next to you or is drooling on you…. Youd be upset. Your dog Belongs in your territory its your job and your responsibility to keep your dog confined to the area you paid for not what someone else paid for plain and fucking simple. Over defending people who makes scens like thie in public will only come with strict regulations for people with emotional support animals or service animals!

    2. Ruth Uselman you need some serious help. The dogs a great fucking dane it stood to turn around that doesn’t give u the right to touch someone’s dog. You can explain ur situation and ask for it to be moved. But there’s absolutely no reason to touch someone else’s working dog. Not everyone can take seizure meds and it’s called a SEIZURE ALERT AND RESPONSE dog for a reason the dog is trained to sense the chemical changes before the seizure occurs so someone can take preventative meds or measures if they can’t take meds. You’re really screwed up ur view on service dogs is disgusting

    3. I would disagree with this, although I am a 100% believer in the miracle that is service dogs, understanding that someone could possibly react extremely negatively towards an allergy, I don’t think you know what an EpiPen is exactly used for. It is for 100% medical emergencies and is not something like an Advil. Moving the dog is honestly the best move in this situation, and they could have simply traded seats with someone to avoid a meltdown, now, the guy pushing the dog away was also the complete wrong move, but it’s what he did, and this whole situation was a complete mess. And btw, 2 epipens is like 450 dollars or something like that, they’re disgustingly expensive.

  15. Wow! Service dogs are actually working dogs. It is imperative that they are not messed with. If it truly is a service dog, then it is very well trained. I have a service dog. He is a huge Newfoundland. I have problems with my balance, so he makes sure that I keep my balance. He also retrieves items that I need and knows how to call 911. He is adorable and sweet, and looks like a big ol bear, but I have to tell people not to pet him, because he is on the job. If it were up to him, he would be kissing everyone he sees.

  16. Just because you’re allergic to dogs doesn’t mean you’re going to get a God damn heart attack. I’m allergic to long hair dogs and cats, but I don’t give two craps. I love dogs and I would never and I mean ever push a dog unless they were physically attacking me. Especially pushing a service dog is screwed up.

    1. Good for you! If you like animals but are allergic, read up on “exposure therapy”. My cat allergy is nearly gone. Still only like dogs though🙄

    2. I took my service dog on a plane the guy next to me had allergies and simply asked if he could move. The stewardesses asked around and found someone willing to trade seats. No fuss no drama. Touch my dog and there will be drama though. I would have even been willing to move.

  17. As long as your wifes allergy isn’t deadly (which i seriously doubt) you can’t just push a animal and definetly not a service dog

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