15 Most Luxurious Dog Houses

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Everyone loves their dog and they wanted a better dog house for their dogs. Here I presented ''15 Most Luxurious Dog Houses'' with descriptions. I hope you like this house. This house is
1.Really Modern Doghouse โ€“ $417,000
2.Smart Dog House(t-pai house)
3.Victorian Dog House- $20,000
4.The Hundehaus Cubix Dog House-$2,600
5.Mobile Home, Air Stream- $800
6. Farmhouse
7.Mid-Century Modern Dog House
8.Marco Morosini Dog House
9.California Hills Dog Mansion-$30,000
10.Ranch House + Doggie Pool
11.Taj Mahal Replica โ€“ $40,000
12.Roof Garden
13.Bottle House
14.The Colonial-$6,100
15.The Palace dog house-$5400
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