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For thousands of years, dogs have been a faithful companion to man, and nowadays most of us simply cannot imagine our life without them. Along with cats, dogs are the most common companion animals. Dog breeds are very different one from another and there are a lot of them, several hundreds actually. Every day, breeders worldwide work to create new and unusual breeds of dogs. Did you know that some breeds are more common than others? And that there are certain breeds that are even considered rare. So make yourself comfortable, because we're about to show you the 10 rarest dog breeds on the planet.

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  1. i dont think pitbulls are dangerous i think they’re gorgeous innocent breed and it wasnt their fault that their owner forced them to fight and attack

    1. +Owen H yeah & my great grandma’s shih tzu was torn to shreds by her neighbor’s Chow Chow for mearly crossing the property line by an inch. Didn’t here about that on the news. Chows are just as aggressive & territorial as your typical Staffie along with being bigger and stronger.

    2. +Jane Poultney especially when they see people like you. Always trusted my Staffie’s judgement over anything else. He never failed me either. Only once his hair raised & teeth bared when a man came to front door.

  2. Hello, well in fact i didn’t really like dogs at all, but when i served in the Syrian military “against my will of course ” there was a female dog i don’t know what its kind but back then every day i had a guarding shifts 8 hours a day 4 in the morning and 4 in the night, anyway in every shift she didn’t leave me even when the temperature was -14 celsius she stayed with and we were freezing literally so i tried to put it in the room but she refused to, and stayed with me so i looked for some wood and i made fire inside the guarding room and i let it come inside, but when she refused to go into the room and stayed with me then i started to like dogs, oh how i miss you lousy i hope you’re allright and God bless you.

    1. My wife used to have a Xolo—she lived to be 16 years old. These dogs are of different sizes like poodles. Hers was a standard size–a fairly large dog. My wife said she was very smart and loved to play Frisbee.

  3. This video deserves a dislike bc I clicked on the video for the dog that was in the pic… But again it was not in the Viedo… That is very annoying


    1. +David Quinn Oh well sure cute little pitties wouldn’t hurt a fly in the UK. That’s why they are a BANNED BREED IN THE UK. Wow, it’s interesting that when you BAN pit bulls they kill less people. Amazing. It seems that banning them may actually work!

    1. More people statistically are injured or killed by rottreilers, dalmations, akitas, Dobermans and chows. And the most aggressive dog is actually a Weiner dog. I have had 2 Staffordshire bull terrier pits and and American pit and in their own right they were all awesome dogs. They are a misunderstood breed who have been given the unfortunate role as poster children for BAD DOG, NO BISCUIT. I really am getting too emotional over this but I gotta say one more thing……I love dogs and would save a dog’s life before I would save the the lives of most people I know. Any dog I have ever owned has bonded with me and become an extension of my personality but of them all my pits (especially my girl REINA SILLYBUTT…..REINA R.I.P MY LITTLE GIRL….I MISS MY GIRL EVERYDAY) were the ones that would react to my emotion. If the was feeling bad they knew it and they cared.

    2. +WombleInc is there any proof it was not taunted? there is just too many holes in this story just to be true. Was it a rescue? If so what kind of treatment did it have at its old house?

    3. Carnage go look at ddk pits. Hulk. Kong. Ace. Any of them. That’s a pit. Trained to protect their owner at all cost but also a loving family dog. Those dogs love their family and would do anything for them. Dogs are better than most people in this world and just because you hear bad pit bull stories doesn’t mean anything got look at their past and their owner. I have have 5 dogs, my most aggressive was a jack russle. His previous owner abused him and didn’t feed him much. You have to show them love and also who’s the boss. I trained him and he became the best hunting dog I’ve ever had. I channeled his aggressiveness towards ducks, rabbits, squirrels, and believe it or not tennis balls. That dog would do anything to play fetch, this he became a sweet loving dog that knew when it was time to work. Just saying dogs are amazing and good hearted creatures.

  5. Pit bull isn’t a breed it’s a name that covers many other breeds of terriers such as bull terriers or Stanford terrier also “pit bulls” have scored better on temperament testing than Dalmatians and a few other common working dog breeds. Also “pit bulls” were not breed for dog fighting they were breed for fighting bulls and keeping wolves and lions off property and away from livestock. Back in the 80’s and 70’s “pitbulls” were nicknames the nanny dog. I have proof of this as I own a old children’s book called the nanny dog or something like that and the book goes on to show you how the dog keeps the kid from danger

    1. You described bully breeds, not pitbulls…learn the difference. There is one “pitbull” the APBT, American Pitbull Terrier. The rest of what you said is very correct

    2. +Chey Youngblood they are supposed to be small 😉 no more than 60lbs. Anything bigger is not pure. They can be as small as 30lbs.
      I’ve owned some and fostered 11 lol

  6. Why did you put that fake clip bait thumbnail in the beginning before I clipped on it? Did you think no one would watch the vid? Don’t worry! People like dogs! Next time keep it, real Mate!! By the way, nice vid.

  7. pitbull were originally called nanny dogs cause they were so good with kids and people. It’s the idiots that raise them that makes them aggressive not the breed of dog it is. ignorant people!

    1. They sure are garbage family dogs as proven time and time again. This is genetically an aggressive breed and not a family dog. Never was and never will be.

  8. 1) Giant Pupper
    2)Double Sniffer
    3)Tiny Chupacabra
    5)Tiny Bear
    6)Anubis o.O
    8)Demi Lovato
    9)Soul Stare
    10)Stuff Animal

  9. THANK YOU DUDE, THANK YOU. you do NOT know how many of my friends are afraid of my dogs because they are pitt bulls. And the truth is i have never ever have come across a pitt bull that doensnt want to be loved and cared for. I volunteered at a pitt bull rescue center and get alot of dog fighting cases. But all of them warm up to people withing a week. people they arent bad dogs. Just miss understood

    1. Oh and in 2017, pitbulls also we’re responsible for killing over 38,000 other dogs, cats and other pets.. See even I’m learning new things.

    2. Here’s a little more, this guy actually took the time to make graphs and charts too. Of course everything is cited at the bottom.



      Sorry you decided to adopt a dangerous animal with psychopathic and murderous tendencies, don’t blame me. Just don’t leave any small children, or elderly people around it alone.

      I’m sure the lady that had her face ripped off by a chimp would’ve sworn up and down that chimps were gentle and misunderstood. I’m sure Siegfried and Roy would’ve also sworn tigers were just big kitty cats, right up until that tiger grabbed him by the neck and dragged him backstage.

      It’s called Pit Bull Roulette and it’s a meme for a reason. You never know what you’re going to get, a nice sweet lapdog, a killer cannibal that eats your pug or a cold blooded killer that literally eats your baby. I’m sure it’s a real rush.

    3. No Akomplice Actually the most aggressive dogs are chihuahuas and one of the dogs with the most patience are pit bulls (I found this on a scientifically proven website, ill link it when I find it again). I’ve had a French mastiff (scored lower for patience than the pit bull) since I was 4 and I’ve had her for 9 years. My dog is the most calm animal you will ever meet, she will not even hurt a fly. Then again I got her when she was 2 months old and I raised her PROPERLY. Now I know that I can’t change your opinion, but the next time that you see a pit bull make the effort to go up to it and see how the breed (when raised properly) actually is. I know that the breed is sweet because my dad has had 3. They are amazing loyal dogs you just need to raise them correctly. I know you don’t believe the whole ‘it’s the person not the dog’ thing, but look at it this way. If you raise a kid correctly and put them on the right path and help them along the way no matter what then they will be successful unless you give up and let the kid get into drugs and stuff. If you make the effort to have your animal constantly be around younger children and older adults you should have no issues. No animal just bites for fun, you have to do something provocative to annoy it or scare it in some way. Even noises can trigger ANY dog, not just a pit bull. I hope this helps you look at pit bulls in a different way or at least make an effort to see the good in them because they truly are amazing dogs and you just have to show them right from wrong. Have a great holiday ✌🏽.

  10. Pitbull’s are not naturally violent most people that own pit bulls are a certain type of people that raise their dogs in a very inhumane way!

    1. Stephen S yeah, I have a pitbull she’s 6 years and also a baby brother who just climbs on her pulls on her ears ect, she just lays there and licks him. She’s never snapped on anyone and as a puppy we treated her like how you would any other dog.

    2. +Maggot Reynolds how? They used to be herding and gaurd dogs while dogs we consider non agressive like say… A Beagle or Jack Russell Terrier used to be hunting dogs.

    3. I agree that they are not aggressive, but I’m not that type of person to abuse them. I own one and do not raise my baby in any inhumane way. She’s sweet to everyone but I have noticed that if she is protected of me, if someone is threatening me she will stand in front of me and growl and the attacker. But not attack as they have not attacked me.

  11. *-BASENJI the AFRICAN DOG **7:17**🐶* that DOG can hear somebody walking 🚶 from almost a MILE away, and tell whether it’s you, your wife or kids, he recognise the sound of your car as well, perfect as a GUARD or HUNTER, they are very SMART and smell good and always clean.
    -Once I got rushed to hospital 🏥 in middle of the night, in a CAR 🚙 my BASENJI ran after the car up to hospital (1,5 miles away) I spent 1 day there and headed home when I felt good, only to find the same dog in front of the Hospital gate 🚪still waiting for me, no food, no drinks, no problem…

  12. Excuse me? Basenjis aren’t THAT rare! I could tell you at least 20 breeds rarer than basenji right away!

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