10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in The United States

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From house pet to hunting companion, dogs are some of the most versatile and varied animals who walk on four legs. Yet what makes some breeds so spectacularly popular? Is it their looks? Their talents? Their size and adaptability? Or a combination of all these characteristics? Find out more about the nation’s most popular dog breeds and see for yourself.
Every year the American Kennel Club (AKC) uses statistics from pet registrations to decide which dog breeds are the most popular in the United States. From this list there are several breeds that seem to reappear regularly. They have a longstanding love of Americans’ hearts, are lovable and useful, and highly versatile as both pet and working dog.

1 – Labrador Retriever
2 – German Shepherd
3 – Yorkshire Terrier
4 – Golden Retriever
5 – English Bulldog
6 – Beagle
7 – Boxer
8 – Rottweiler
9 – Poodle
10 – Dachshund

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