10 Most Popular Designer Dogs 2018 / Designer Dog Breeds

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The top 10 most popular designer dogs & breeds for 2018. Which designer dogs are your favourite? Comment below and let us know.

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10. Cheeks
9. Pomchi
8. Yorkipoo
7. Schnoodle
6. Puggle
5. Mal-Shi
4. Goldendoodle
3. Labradoodle
2. Maltipoo
1. Cockapoo

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6 Comments on “10 Most Popular Designer Dogs 2018 / Designer Dog Breeds”

  1. I have a Labradoodle who I raised from a puppy who will be 11 in the fall and I can’t believe how intelligent and easy to train these dogs are .They are territorial and definitely a good family dog. I only feed her the kibble the vet sells and she thrives on it. She has squeaky toys to play with and other chewy toys to keep her teeth healthy. She has a lot of energy still for her age and loves going for walks. An example of her intelligence. I can hide her walking harness anywhere in the house or yard. All I have say is ,’Who wants to go for a walk…go get harness !” and hunts it down,brings it over to me and away we go. Truck rides? She just cant get enough, loves riding in my old 87 Chevy after tiring of looking out the window,curls up on the seat and goes to sleep beside me. Excellent companion. Cheers

  2. I saw this aussiedoodle puppy named reggie and he’s absurdity beautiful. I want him so bad but my life circumstances seems to prevent me from having him i hope that i can get him through a christmas miracle.

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