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Scientists, experts and common dog lovers can’t agree on which dog breed should be considered the most dangerous in the
world. However, due to frequent attacks on people certain breeds are banned from breeding, keeping and selling in many
countries. We took these “black lists” as the base for our own top-10 of the so called “most dangerous” dog breeds.

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    1. KaylaP117 been bitten by a Chihuahua and somehow it not only broke the skin on my hand but it bled bad enough to have to get 11 stitches.

    2. Also. My Pitbull did the same as a puppy (I may just have bad luck) on the same hand and it did nowhere near the damage.

  1. the most dangerous breed on earth is man and as such we are the ones who breed these dogs to be as they are

    1. It’s not the dog.. but the man behind the dog,..u can make a known cur into a killer …many times a pitbull gets thrown into a fight and at first won’t fight until it’s been bitten on so many times that it’s survival mode kicks in and all of a sudden your cur becomes a killer .. pitbulls are tremendous dogs with it’s will to please is second to none

    2. +Henry Santiago ..Extremely true. My brother had a pitbull named Apollo. He weighed around maybe 90 to 100 lbs.
      A trained guard dog but had the best
      temperament that any owner could ever want in a dog. Once he got your scent it was all good. Belly rubs, play time, good with kids but had an amazing ability to confront another dog that foolishly got into the backyard. His bark was fierce and most dogs ran away but those that stayed to fight lost the confrontation. As you said..humans make bad dogs and it is true that a pit only wants to please it’s owner and get acknowledged for doing a good job. They don’t deserve the rep that they have. They really don’t for I’ve seen small dogs that were more vicious than some pits. It’s HUMAN input and negative training that causes a pit to become dangerous.

    1. Vanessa Hilton yeah they are actually really sweet people just train them wrong but they are actually so sweet

    2. Exactly, my gorgeous purebred German shepherd is trained off leash. PITBULLS HAVE KILLED OVER 200 AMERICAN CHILDREN, THEY WERE NOT TRAINED TO KILL LITTLE KIDS. they dont just bite, they stay to kill, they are cowards.

    3. Marilyn Willett it just depends on the owner. Bad owner = bad dog. That can go for any dog been no matter what breed it is.

    1. had some of them. my pit was a very loving dog. if any dog os mistreated enough by owner or people yes any dog can be mean. good owners have good dogs of any breed

  2. Bulldogs, aren’t dangerous.
    Bandogs aren’t dangerous.
    Neapolitan Mastiffs aren’t dangerous
    Wolf dogs aren’t dangerous
    Boerbowls aren’t dangerous
    Dogo arengtinos aren’t dangerous
    Canary Mastiffs aren’t dangerous
    Fila barzilaros aren’t dangerous
    Tosa inus aren’t dangerous
    Pitbulls are dangerous.
    These dogs are sweeties!
    The people you trained them are the dangerous ones.

  3. I have a pitbull/bulldog named bullet and he looks like an actual monster yet people are shocked when he runs up to me and ask as for a hug or a treat with a smile on his face

  4. Bruh within the first 10 seconds of the video, they showed a MUZZLED dog being kicked in the nose. Agressive? More like reasonably annoyed.

  5. Pitbulls are only dangerous because of how they’re treated, being in dog fights, being abused, and not being taken care of correctly.

    I’ve seen many Pittbulls in shelters, they are normally really nice, and sweet, but they’re in the shelter for long periods of time thanks to their breed reputation

  6. Oh piss off, I have a pitbull and they are the sweetest dogs in the world. It’s all about how they are raised as a pup.

  7. It’s about how you treat and raise them. Chain a dog all day, neglect, or abuse them, and any breed will be aggressive. Obedience training, socialization, love, meet their needs, exercise, and make a dog part of your family and you’ll have a great pet.

  8. People do not understand what dangerous means.
    I think the problem is that they are getting it confused with aggression.
    Danger is something that you cant train out of dogs, because it’s not a matter of their aggressive of not.

    If a huge Pitt bull is a sweet Angel baby, it doesn’t mean that it’s not dangerous. Because Pitt bulls are very dangerous dogs with tremendous bite forces, and the tendency to, when they attack, to grab hold and shake viciously with their jaws. And even if a Chihuahua is a demon from the fiery depths of hell, it’s still one of the least dangerous dogs. For it can do little dammage. I hope you get my point.

    1. My mom new someone who’s face was mutilated by a Chihuahua. And they say toy breeds are “sweet ” and “adorable”

    1. They are not all the same. Have you ever seen a chow, for instance, that wasn’t very ill-tempered? I haven’t. You’re taking a greater risk with certain breeds, even if the dog is treated well. You might have a great experience with the dog and no bad incidents of any kind. But it’s kind of like playing Russian roulette: the odds are in your favor, but…

  9. All pitbulls must be culled. There’s no life more worthy than a humans. I’ve seen a nasty pitbull killing a innocent 2 years old girl and then ripping off its owner’s throat before being shot down. They all should be culled.

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