🐶 Service Dog at Disney: STOP PULLING HER TAIL! 😤(12/6/18)

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49 Comments on “🐶 Service Dog at Disney: STOP PULLING HER TAIL! 😤(12/6/18)”

    1. Har is her usual happy self! But it makes me so mad people do this. I understand drive by pets when people do not know any better… But tail pulling? GRRR. Unacceptable to harm an animal. But Hippo is a trooper and totally okay! It usually does not happen so often, guess it was just an unlucky day.

  1. I’m a make a wish kid and my wish was to go to Disney I was about five when I went and all I wanted was to meet tinker bell and I did and I forced my dad to play princess with me in the hotel

  2. People continue to astound me with their rudeness. I wouldn’t pull my own dog’s tail, much less someone else’s…and a service dog! People, you ignore service dogs because they are working!

  3. I don’t understand how it’s not common knowledge to not touch service dogs. Our nieces knew by 5 years old that a dog in a vest is working and shouldn’t be touched.

    1. I don’t understand how it’s common knowledge not to touch ANY dog without asking the owner, let alone PULL their tail. Like wtf really.

    2. Service dog or not, how can you even think about grabbing a dog tail??? I mean, we don t usually go places and randomly pat someone’s back or pull hair!!

    3. And even worse, who doesn’t understand it is not okay to pull an animal’s tail? That was one of the first things I was taught in regards to animals.

  4. Ugh always ask for permission before touching someone else’s dog, regardless if it is or isn’t a service dog. It’s not YOUR dog, stop feeling entitled to touch stuff that isn’t yours. 😑 Sorry Jaquie. Glad Miss Hippo is taking it well.

    1. Agreed. So many people try to pet my dog without asking, despite her wearing a “nervous” leash and coat. And then they have the audacity to get upset at me and her when she starts barking. I’m like… don’t try and pet her without asking then? She was fine before you touched her. You never know how peoples dogs will react so don’t touch them without permission.

  5. Often when I walk with my service dog he gets disturbed by other people that start petting him. (and in some extreme cases actually lift him up as he’s a small dog) Before I had a service dog I always thought the children are the ones to be aware of. But often the children ask you if they can pet your dog and it’s the adults that just suddenly start petting without asking.

    1. Yes dear lord.
      Kids r the cutest and nicest little things about my animals.

      Even if they don’t know that ford is an SD, they ask or just wave hello as the walk by.

      I’ve actually had someone kick my first SD who was small because I told him no he could not pet him…
      Then freaked out when I blacked out and nearly burned my stun gun out on his arse.
      He’s lucky I had a friend that was able to tackle and carry me and my dog out without me hurting anyone -.-‘
      Was always happy he stopped me, I’m rather fond of my stun gun.

    2. I have a pet dog (I am training him to do tasks but he won t be a service dog) and go places with him. People keep calling him and wanting to pet him, so if distracted he (gently) pulls the leash and goes to the person. I get he s cute and cuddly, but how come people don t think to talk to the owner first? I guess talking with animals is easier than with humans 😂

    3. I was at the post office and the postmaster asked if my dog was a service dog and I told her yes and thank you for asking. We were talking about how people come in with fake service dogs and they pee on her floor.. I turn around and some lady is trying to pet my service dog! He ignored her like a champ and he has been training for 6 months.

    4. Yes I’ve had more kids ask to pet my pet dog Chloe then adults. Just recently I had an adult pick her up without asking. She hates being picked up even by me. Luckily she tolerates it well. Some other dogs could potentially squirm, fall, and get hurt/killed.

  6. clearly you guys need a big flashing neon sign that says “do not touch” since a pink vest with it all over it is apparently too hard to read. It hurts me sometimes to see how careless people are with you and Harlow, and many other service dogs. People really need to learn how to pay attention.

  7. It is one thing to touch a service dog but to pull a tail is ignorant. So happy to see all of you enjoying your time together. Keep it up.

    1. LOL people are so annoying I go out with my service dog and I don’t think anyone has ever pulled her tail but I get people crawling under the bathroom stall just to pet her.

    2. Lol I used to do the same thing with my cane.
      The teachers wouldn’t do anything, and after the first warning I decided I did NOT have enough energy for it.
      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      Tho I only REALLY hit someone hard when they tried to flip my wheelchair.
      Got one across the collar bone and his buddy across the ribs XD

      Gave me pride I had such good reaction time XD

      But yeah. Ppl so stupid stuffs.
      But my dog tends to swing his tail so much that I notice someone before they get close to tugging it, but his fur is really low profile…
      Kinda worry about my gsd in training….

      Already had her bark someone back cuz they jumped in her face her first time out -.-‘

  8. When I was in animal kingdom our flight of passage wait was less than half an hour 😎 (hooray for fastpasses). Also what is WRONG with people??? You shouldn’t touch any dog you don’t know without asking, and never pull their tails ESPECIALLY service dogs 😒 I’m glad you got to enjoy your vacation despite a few hiccups

  9. I’ve had little kids crawl under the bathroom stall to get my service dog. when I tell them to stop or ask them to stop, the parents get pretty upset at me like I had done something wrong. Yep the general public can be very annoying.

    1. Honestly I ignore them and loudly ask ford to move to my other side…
      It usually gets the point across.

      I felt bad one time the kid got tugged so quick he hit his head DX

      But the parents need to teach them how to behave…

      Even my niece who NEVER behaves knew not to pet ford till I take his harness off by like 2 and a half….
      And I only got him when she was 2, so took about 6 months XD

      She made the mistake of hugging him as I came in the door at my baby sisters graduation and I got swamped by children XD

      It was rather funny. And the kids were immediately collected and I just laughed it off.
      She’s been very careful since then, always asking loudly if she can pet ford…
      She loves putting a hand on his harness as we walk.

      My nephew isn’t even 2 and knows how to behave with ford.

      And I’m not even around them all the time -.-‘

  10. Poor Harlow..A kid doing it will frustrate you but there is a certain level of okay it is just a kid..but if an adult it doing it..that unexcusable..people need to get some manners these days and learn how to act.

  11. People can be so rude! I don’t care if it’s a service dog or not – if you don’t know the dog, DO NOT TOUCH IT! That is just plain common sense, but apparently common sense doesn’t mean anything these days…

    That Avatar ride looked amazing! I really hope to get back to Disney very soon!

  12. I would never touch a strangers dog without asking. No matter if it’s a service dog or not. Actually I haven’t noticed anyone touching a service dog here in Germany, but I guess our mentality is a little different over here 🙂 or I just haven’t met the people who are doing things like that

  13. It sounds like the first tail pull was from an adult? How rude! If anyone should know an adult knows what you can and can’t do around service dogs. . Or you’d like to think! Glad you had an awesome vacation tho.

  14. My old Service dog was killed by someone in my old school the person who killed him tried to kill me many times and then beat me up until I could not do any and then kill my Service dog I miss him so much still and I went to court for it all. Now I have a new service dog who has saved my life on so many occasions and I love her so much but I have to tell so many people every day not to touch my dog but they still touch her.

    1. That’s terrible. I’m sorry you went through that. Glad though that you have a new service dog that loves and helps you.

  15. 1. They should NOT be touching a service dog!
    2. Why would you pull any animals tail?
    3. DO NOT pull any animals tail!
    4. You do not touch any dog without asking the owner!
    5. It clearly says DO NOT PET!

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trying to screw up your dog. Lots of people can’t stand that service dogs are allowed places their pet dogs are not. They don’t understand that service dogs are special, or that 90% of the dogs that start training as service animals wash out because they are not well behaved enough.
    It’s why service dogs are allowed in these places, because they are so well behaved. Just have Judd arrest them. They are assholes.

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