🐢 BestPet Heavy Duty Pet PLAYPEN Dog Exercise Pen Product Review 🐩

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Get it here: ⭐ Quick product review and demo of the BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Fence
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. We got this to allow our two small dogs to enjoy being outdoors to poop and pee without having it scattered all over our fenced yard. Judging from the fact that they don't whine or bark while there, they actually seem to enjoy having a special place in the yard.

This was the second of these pens we purchased. The first one worked well and we wanted to expand the area in which the dogs could do their business. Our pug and chihuahua mix are happy with the product.

It was very easy to assemble – simply slide the anchor poles into the slots along the edge of each panel. Many shapes are possible. Each kit contains one gate.

Amazon description: "This 40" High Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is the must have for your dog, it is easy to set up and you have tons of way to set it up both indoor or outdoor. You can connect multiple playpens together and set up as a rectangle or octagon"
Each Panel is 40" High, 31" Wide
One easy to open door
Heavy Duty 1/2" Tube Frame.

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19 Comments on “🐢 BestPet Heavy Duty Pet PLAYPEN Dog Exercise Pen Product Review 🐩”

  1. Looks ok. Do you think its way better than the Midwest playpens? I am looking for the stronger solution, I have a lab puppy. Thanks!!! Pat

    1. I’m not familiar with the Midwest pens, but I will say this pen is holding up great – has made it through the winter (almost through the winter) with no issues – we just got a new Jack Russell – she likes it but she’s so small – I would think it would hold up for a lab, but don’t have personal experience with a larger dog in the pen.

  2. I don’t understand why you have a small crate outside for when it rains why are you keeping your small dogs outside all the time they belong in the house

    1. They are only outside for a short time every day – they go out to “use the potty” and to get some fresh air –
      they are in the house the majority of the time.

    2. My corgis are outside year around, but they also have double coats and I live in San Diego πŸ˜†πŸ€™πŸ»

    1. This was 2 sets connected with 2 separate gates and there is no limitation as to how many can be connected together. Do you mean make a larger gate with the 2 gates together rather than separate?

    2. I’m actually not sure whether 2 gates could be put together and function properly since we didn’t try that and I don’t think the instructions mentioned that. I suspect it would work, but don’t want to say I know for sure.

  3. I have 4 small dogs (Chi/mixes)
    I’m considering buying one of these for outside in the backyard so they can have outside time and go to the bathroom (not live in it)
    I see that you have grass.
    Where I want to put mine is all dirt. Do you think it’ll still work and not slide around everywhere?
    Also 3 tend to “fence fight” I don’t want it to slide around or they be able to get out of it very quickly.
    Any feedback appreciated πŸ™‚

    1. I do think it will stay secure. I was actually just looking at mine since we had a warm day today and I’m looking forward to spring – it is holding up great – the only issue at all is that I ran into with the riding mower and one of the uprights – rails – whatever they are called – it slightly bent, but it doesn’t affect the integrity of the structure. The reason I wanted to get this is for the same reason you mentioned – to keep the dog waste contained somewhat. Good luck.

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